Scouting Report: Like Jinyu in a Barrel

I'm using a 17 inch widescreen with 1440 x 900 resolution. I still have to have my face 3 inches from the screen to put the mouse pointer on the targets. I can't keep up with the targets. I don't play console games because I can't stand this type of crap. So what do you brilliant geniuses do, you put a quest like this in a major lore event that can't be skipped. Why couldn't you put something this odd on a little dead end quest line that doesn't stop people with your linear questing through the zone.
I didn't think it was too bad. It's funny how easy the alliance equivalent was.
What a !@#$ty quest!
How much time do we have to spend going back over and over and over and over and over and over and.......makes you want to do something else
OK, I'm stuck on this quest and so I skipped it. Apparently, it CAN'T be skipped.
I've tried over 15 times, if I wanted to play a stupid arcade shoot'em up I have a PS3, an Xbox and a Wii.
Seriously, it's not lag, nor is it reflexes, particularly. Although I do have really, really bad eyesight, that's never been a problem before.
Can't get past the final kill'em as fast as you can part no matter what I do.
I see on Google that there are a lot of people in the same boat.
Anyone have any (meaningful) suggestions?
quests like this make me want to give up on wow; this is painful and pointless the 10th + time... sucks
I FINALLY got through it. It *seems* like the number of mobs etc. spawn as a variable, I am pretty certain that different parts are easier at different times.

Only advice I can give to anyone else who is stuck is to try and ensure Shokia and Riko have as much health as possible going into the last phase and just non-stop click your mouse. Turn on nameplates so you can see them behind the trees, and keep trying.
im gona have to "finally get through" 7 more times in the near distaint future and its impossible for me they should cut the number of targets down from as many as they have on the last round.

im on a desktop resideing on top of a tv table with a 4x6" space to move a mouse around and cant click as fast as i should.
I am also having problems with this quest as well.

I skipped it and found a few quest hubs in the jade forest, but they were few and far between; these eventually led to breadcrumbs for other areas, an my quest log is full now...

Have gone back to try after leveling to try it again, but with the same results. Don't appear to scale with either gear or level like it probably should.

I guess I will always wonder "What really happened back there...?"

There is a big ol' new continent to explore, and the Pandaren seem nice enough, I hope I am not missing out on anything with those neat new Hozen, and the horde forces...
Im at the same part, like what are we supposed to do. I do the quest and kill what i think is everybody and then a few seconds pass of no damage or anything and the quest just randomly abruptly ends... Help!!!!
My computer can barely handle the game anymore (I really need an upgrade :P) and this quest made me miserable until I turned on the nameplates and activated interact on right mouse click. Made it easier, even if I still had to restart the sequence several times.
I also am unable to complete the very last phase of this quest. I don't have the eyesight or reflexes. It seems this is in a chain, and we can't go on without it. Is that true? Other than losing whatever equipment upgrades would have been from this and subsequent quests, does failure here cause us to miss a lot more quests/story?
Was forced to change my resolution on this quest after 5 failed attempts (my frustration level peaked at this point), ended up finishing this quest with no issues once I changed to a lower resolution.
im in the same boat as the rest of you. 24" monitor, maxed graphics, low vision. wtf blizz, really, no nameplates on half the mobs and that tiny yellow arrow pointing at the enemy. then she just stands in the water for the first 3 attempts and says 'riko...' then the quest locks up. [before the net is thrown, btw]

tips for those with slower than an insane 10yr old on Ritalin, just jam your right click as fast as you can and move the mouse to the mobs. no limit on bullets. and i'm pretty sure you cant harm the friendly npc's so blow stuffs up. and for those who cant find the dang barrels, the first is low, second is at the fountain, and the third is where she enters the trees at teh top of the screen. behind some leaves, thanks blizz
So glad to find I am not alone. This one is just impossible! I have done it at least 20 times, used nameplates, squinted, rapid-fired, u name it--I would pay someone to do this for me. I am so not having fun!!!!!!!!! I do fine until the end--btw, if you follow Kirin, she stops wherever there is a barrel, although today I noticed it was better lit.

Since you can't really go on without doing this, I am stuck. Am I really playing 15 bucks a month to get all teared up over things?

So a lot of us cannot seem to complete this quest for a number of different reasons; whether its poor eyesight, bad reflexes, dated machines, or high latency, it doesn't really matter WHY we cannot complete it.

What matters is that we cannot complete it.

Perhaps not terribly difficult under ideal conditions, but for some impossible. Personally I would be able to finish if these guys (Kirin and Riku) could maybe be able to take another hit or two apiece.

Perhaps that is the answer. If we were to get some sort of buff to the health of those two then we might have an easier time of it.

Lets say, for every failure, maybe these two get an additional 5-10% to their health total? If something like that were cumulative, it would make each attempt that much likelier to succeed.

Perhaps a daily could be added so we could attempt to finish it without having the buff available, make finishing the daily a number of times a Feat of Strength or something like that.
Wise words from the mouth of a Shaman! Thanks for chiming in--since I just shoot stuff, I don't worry about buffs, etc. so much. I need more time as well, and less of the large rectangle piece that tells what Kirinis saying and obscuring bad guys at the same time.

Why isn't anyone listening here? A friend, who has been playing 5 years, had to help me after 4 days of the quest before this one--I couldn't kill all 4 characters, and I was well over 25 tries.

I don't think there are enough quest lines in Pandaria. At least before, when a quest got frustrating, you could go to another set for some relief. Not so here. All I can do is kill Bluebacked Beavers. I'd hate to level by killing wildlife!
Got any suggestions for another quest hub?
I completed Tian monastery after I found this quest was impossible for me, but I cannot remember if I did that before or after I hit 86. It would be a good place to start looking anyways for all those that are stuck here. Once you hit 86 though, you can start the quest line from Chen Stormstout.

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