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Bleeding Hollow
<Tireless> is a guild comprised of veteran WoW players currently looking for players interested in end-game progression. All of our officers have played in high-ranking guilds, but we are no longer interested in the 6 day-a-week commitment. Our ideal recruit plays at a competitive level, has a good attitude, and is team-oriented.

Our recruitment needs are currently just a Brewmaster Monk, Guardian Druid, or Blood Death Knight.

We currently offer a dedicated 5 man group, with more players leveling everyday. We plan to maintain a high-level of success throughout the expansion covering both 5 and 10 man content at the highest possible level. We are currently 4/6 MSV10.

Officers: Jubilant/Torowa, Easterduck, Hephron and myself.
up, again.
Im interested in a melee spot. Hit me up.
09/30/2012 12:18 AMPosted by Celica
Im interested in a melee spot. Hit me up.

added in game. up again.
up again. Need paladins!
still need paladins, up again!
still need dem paladinz
UPDATED NEEDS: Currently need a hunter, and a mistweaver.

We need melee dps now too!
Up again, we're now 1/6 MSV!
Currently looking for a BREWMASTER or TANK DRUID or BLOOD DK. 4/6 MSV now, waiting on a skilled tank to progress further.
No openings for a humble... protection bear? I can also go arms
I can tank and i know 6/6 msv and 16/16 bosses of the teir 12 on heroic from the beta
Unfortunately we don't need another prot warrior at this time. Added you in game Zarandra. Stilll looking for a DRUID/BLOOD DK/BREWMASTER

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