Realm Questions

Hi! I am strongly considering a realm transfer to the Zul'jin server. I would like to know a few things prior to doing so and am hoping the Zul'jin community can help.

*How is the population horde/alliance?
*How is the economy?

I am a resto druid and am looking for a laid back fun family style guild. I am able to raid most nights and have many other toons available as well once levelled through MoP. If you are looking for a certain toon just give me a shout on here or in game. My tag is: Präyer#1401

I am willing to try a faction change if it seems to be a good fit. I look forward to hearing from some of you soon!
hit me up in game, ill give you honest answers to all your questions. ill be back on in like 3 hours, for like 2 days
Population is slightly more horde than alliance, but both sides are a reasonable size. The alliance has a large french canadian population which is something to consider.

I can't really comment on alliance side, but horde side has a considerable number of both 10 and 25man raiding guilds and a very healthy economy - both high demand and high supply. If pugging is your thing, there are generally reasonably successful pugs every night. (Some pugs were able to clear most, if not all, of heroic dragon soul). If old content is your thing, there are often old content heroic (Ulduar and ICC being very popular).

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