Anyone gonna roll a Panderan Hunter?

I really want to...Wondering if anyone else is looking forward to Panda hunters? Any drawbacks?
I was thinking about it, but something about a Panda taming another animal is just weird to be. But then again, I'm a talking blue space goat, so I don't make sense either XD But on a serious note, I prefer my draenei's 1% hit. The food buff from Pandarens are nice and all, but hey, who knows, I'll probably race change some time in the future if I really like them.
Horde Pandaren Hunter: nigh-extinct bear hunting humans.

Seems pretty awesome to me.
Yep! Female Pandaren Hunter :D
YAY! And will definitely be Horde. I have tried and tried to go alliance, but cant seem to last past level 10. Too hoidy-toidy for me. I need nastiness!
Yep hunter. Probably going to roll every other available class as pandas too. Those racials are best in the game.
I'll be making one and shelving this lowbie. As much as I love exploring new zones, I prefer to wait for the initial crowding to die down. At least with a Pandaren I'll be out of the crowded starting zone fairly quickly.

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