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Its midday at Quel'Danil Lodge in the Hinterlands. The sun is shining, and its a nice warm day, with a cool breeze from time to time. While it is a calm day, the lodge is on edge. The neighboring nation of Lordaeron had fallen a few months before to the Undead Scourge. Many travelers and refugees have taken up residence at the lodge.

While the refugees have no where else to go, the travelers have their own reasons why they are here. A few have come to escape and forget their past and start anew in a land far away from their home. Others are here visiting kin they havent seen in some time. And others have come for other discreet reasons.

As the lodge went on doin its own business, chaos began. An elven messenger on his blueish green hawkstrider rushed in to the center of the lodge. His shirt was torn on the right side, and a gaping hole from multiple bites was the cause. He mustered all strength to yell out "Quel'Thelas has fallen!" and then he fell off....

Only rules that I have are these. This is an open RP, but adding new characters has to make sense with the ongoing plot, so deff no Draenei, Worgen, Goblin, or Night Elf. The rest of the races are perfectly fine, but I would love to see a dwarf or troll come in.
Styvan was talking to his brother when he heard the commotion out in the main hall. Him and his brother entered, and asked immediately "Whats going on?" to which one of his fellow elves responded, "Quel'Thelas has fallen to the Scourge." This took him totally by shock. Quel'Thelas his home, had been invaded once before, but it was turned back, and repelled. This was unfathomable to him. And whats worse, he thought, was he left his son and wife there. He wanted to ask the messenger if Goldenmist Village on the western coast had fallen, but the messenger had passed out from his wounds and a young elven priest (who reminded him of his wife) came up to start mending the wounds with Holy magic.
The world was quiet and peaceful. Outside, the fresh air was scented with pine, water, and flowers. She could hear the rustle of the wind through the trees and tall grass. Cianna Eveninglade leaned back against the railing outside the lodge letting the wind tug at her long pale gold hair, a small smile crossing her lips. It was certainly a beautiful day.

It reminded her of her life at Sunsail Harbor, before her skills as a healer took her away from the quiet life at the docks to various Quel’dorei posts. While she was happy to move around and see the world, a part of her still missed the gentle lapping of water against the docks, the smell of salt air, and the creaking of ships in the harbor.

The thought was barely out of her head when a commotion caught her attention. There was a cacophony of shouts, voices jumbled as elves were trailing into the building. Some carrying wounded, a few bearing the dead. She could hear cries and hisses of pain, the sobbing of elves who had lost loved ones, and the crisp barking of orders as the elves stationed at the lodge tried to pull order from chaos.

Cianna dashed inside, wondering if they were being attacked. There were trolls in the area although a quick glance outside told her that was no fighting. She hurried towards a guard who was leaning over a fallen messenger, “What is happening?”

“Quel’Thalas has fallen to the scourge,” was the tense reply. “We can set up an infirmary in the right wing. Be prepared to aid any refugees.” The guard stood and gestured to the messenger.

The words fell on the priestess like a wave of cold and settled against her like lead as her mind conjured up a picture of their beautiful homeland. Her fiancé was still in Silvermoon City and she could only hope that he would survive. A small pit of dread deposited itself in her stomach as she thought about the scourge and murmured a prayer. She knelt beside the messenger, carefully checking over the man before having him moved out of the main hall.

Shock wasn’t going to help the survivors, she told herself, mentally trying to shake off the news, if only for the moment. She turned and followed the guard carrying the fallen elf. Their supplies were limited, they had ample for those stationed at the lodge, but what they had would be stretched thin with refugees.

It was going to be a very long day.
Styvan also knew this was going to be a long day, and worrying about his wife and child didnt help one bit. As the messenger was brought to a bed, his thoughts wondered about them. Did they get out? Were they injured if they did? and other questions seemed to plague his mind. He wanted to ask the messenger many a questions but he was out cold. The priest maintained a constant stream of healing prayers and magic, and Styvan stood at the doorway watching her. His brother came up and put his arm on Styvans shoulder. "If you need to return home, I understand brother," he said grimly, adding "But at the moment I highly advise not too. I am sure the Scourge are still there, and I am also willing to bet the Amani trolls will be out in force as well."

Styvan nodded, knowing that as much as he needed to return, it would be unsafe and probably suicide. He thought about maybe going to nearby Aerie Peak to possibly loan a gryphon from the dwarves, but he had a feeling that would not go over well. The dwarves have had an uneasy relationship with the elves after they left the Alliance. As his thoughts wondered, the messenger started to shake violently, as if the bite was corrupting his entire body. He made a sound that seemed unnatural, stopped convulsing, and his whole body went limp. Styvan knew even before the priest checked anything that the messenger was dead.
The messenger was fading fast. Cianna knew that the primary culprit was blood loss to due the grievous wound he had suffered, but still as a healer she thought she might be able to save him. First she cleansed the wound, holy light swirling over her form as she recited the prayers. Next the wound was bound to help stave off the bleeding. Finally, she cast a series of healing spells in an attempt to save his life. The light flowed over her, a soothing feeling of warmth infusing her as she called for the Light’s aid.

It was to no avail.

Finally, she gave up, knowing that while she could not save him, she hopefully had made his last moments calm and serene. Kneeling down once more, she took his weapons from him and handed them off to a nearby guard for cleaning. She recited several prayers over the body before stepping back. Two more guards came forth to take the body so that it could be prepared to burial.

“Tomorrow if we can,” she told the guards in reference to when the interment would occur.

She watched them carry the body out, a small frown across her lips. She hated to lose anyone and if Quel’Thalas had fallen to the scourge, then there would be more bodies coming in. She shook herself out of her reverie. There would be time later tonight to work through the loss of the messenger, right now she needed to get to work preparing for any refugees.
"I am sorry young one, I cant afford to lose a squad to see if two people survived the destruction," the lodge leader Jalinde Summerdrake said to Styvan. "As far as we know, no one survived, and we must prepare for any kind of refugees from our home if any, or our sister lodge a few hours from Stratholme."

Styvan was fuming, got up, purposefully knocked over the chair he was sitting in and stormed out of the office. Levias looked at his commander, and said, "I am sorry for my brother. He was like this in our youth, but raising his family changed that. To see him regress like this-"

"Its understandable." Jalinde interrupted. "Trust me, I would love to send all available forces that I could muster to see the state of our home. But it would most likely be a suicidal mission and we would most likely be strengthening the enemies forces."

Meanwhile, Styvan who had stormed out of the lodge as well, decided to climb a tree, something he hadn't done in awhile. He got to the top, and looked out all across the Hinterlands, in the distance, he could barely make out the dwarven stronghold of Aerie Peak and how in the elves time of need, the dwarves had abandoned them, saying that they also weren't going to send any kind of assisstance to try to see how Quel'Thalas was. But if the lodge had ran out of room for refugees or injured, they would kindly assisst. He scoffed at the thought of the dwarves, and began to pick leaves around him, and toss them to the ground.
Back in the lodge commanders office, Levias was still talking to his leader. "Commander, I know this might be hard on all of us, but I must actually go with my brother, if he goes. I promised my parents I would look out for us when they died in the Second War. And Im not going to break that promise," He said sternly, and even tho his commander wanted to object.

"Your a good man, Levias, and a great ranger," She said, standing up and extending out her arm. "I'd hate to lose you, but I totally understand. I wish you luck on you endeavor." They shook hands, which turned into a friend hug, knowing this might be the last time they might see each other.
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The news of the scourge attack was ricocheting through the lodge. Many elves wanted to head to their homeland and fight the scourge but the lodge’s leaders were wisely holding the requests back for the moment. They knew nothing about the situation and until they were able to get some information heading in blindly would be foolish. While Cianna could agree with the assessment, it did not help ease the burden in her heart.

She spent the day working on the wing, getting it ready for any refugees that came straggling in. Unfortunately, the scourge rarely left survivors in its wake. The Quel’dorei were a strong people, she thought, they had endure much and they would save their home. If a group did head out from the lodge, she would go with them, she thought. They would need someone with healing capacity and she best suited the bill.

It didn't take much time to finish setting up the makeshift infirmary, and Cianna found herself pacing on the outside porch. Her mind was churning with thoughts of what was happening in their homeland and how her fiancé fared. Walking back and forth was not accomplishing much, but for the moment, it kept her busy.
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Levias went to his room, and took a loot at it, knowing that he maybe leaving this room forever. His lynx companion Rhyas was laying on the bed, taking a cat nap, unfazed on the commotion going on in the main room. He thought about waking her, but decided not to yet. Going into a desk drawer, he reached in, and found the map of Eastern Lordaeron, just south of Quel'Thalas. He knew that Stratholme had fallen, as did the villages of Darrowshire, Northdale, and Corin's Crossing. He had also heard reports that Tyrs Hand had been taken over by some fanatics called the Scarlet Crusade. Just trying to make it thru that entire region would be tough.

Meanwhile, in a tree not far from the lodge Styvan was enjoying the cool brisk breeze that was enveloping the Hinterlands. For a moment, he didnt think about his homeland or his family. He heard voices down below and saw people walking in the direction of the lodge. From what he could see, they werent dwarves or trolls, the natives of these parts, so he wondered who they were. Slowly climbing down, he paused and saw that they were kin, a few group of High Elves. "Excuse me," he called out to them. The lead elven male jumped, drawing his sword. "I mean you no trouble," Styvan continued, "But I take it you are refugees of our home," And when the man nodded, lowering his sword, Styvan finished talking, "Do you mind if I walk with you, for your own protection, while you tell me what happened?"
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The lodge’s commander appeared some time later to check over the preparations for the infirmary. Her face was grim, she knew what supplies they had may not hold out long if there was a tide of refugees, but she was not going to turn anyone away. The dwarves might be of some help, but at the moment, they were stubbornly maintaining their distance.

“Do you think scouts will be sent to Quel’Thalas?” Cianna walked up behind her.

“Not right now…” she sighed. It had been a question that she had been asked more than once in the past hour. “The men are restless and want to go, but until we have more information, I do not want to send people in blindly.”

Cianna nodded quietly, but didn’t quite agree with him. Scouts were supposed to head into unknown places and find out information, weren’t they? Of course, she wasn’t a scout but if a party did go, she wanted to be with them. She told herself that if there were scourge about, they would need a healer. She refused to think that it was to pull herself closer to Silvermoon where her fiancé was--hopefully still alive.
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Styvan walked in to the center of the lodge with the new group of refugees. In his time of walking with them, he found out alot of information. He found out that their Sunwell had been corrupted by the Scourge, and was now "dead". That they had been betrayed by one of their own, Dar'Khan Drathir. The name left a sour taste in his mouth when he heard that name. A leader of the Convocation of Silvermoon, betrayed us? He thought. He had also learned that there were pockets of resistance here and there, fighting a losing battle. And that most of the towns and villages and Silvermoon were wiped clean. This left him depressed. His doubt that his family had survived now. As he sat down, he watched his brother Levias, putting stuff in a pile in the main hall. It looked like he was getting read to leave. "Whats goin on Levi?" He asked him, calling his brother by his nickname.

"I'm goin home. See whats up." He said, nodding solemnly. "I'll have no backup except Rhyas," He said, pointing to his lynx companion. As Styvan was going to speak up, Levias interrupted. "No, I'm not taking you Sty. It's too dangerous. A lone Farstrider would have better chance of surviving."

Styvan's shoulders sunk,and he said, with an extremely curt reply, "I'm still going with or without you brother. Quel'Thalas is also my home. And unlike you, I have responsibilities to my family whether alive or dead."

Levias was taken aback from his brothers curtness. He was cocky and brash sure, but curt and mean, not like him. "Go pack your things then, we'll be leaving in an hour."
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Cianna was leaving the makeshift infirmary. She felt restless and uneasy. Not knowing what has happening in their homeland was taking its toll on many of the elves at the lodge. Many of the elves stationed here were standing about, talking about the attack and speculating on what was happening.

Word soon came that the Sunwell had been destroyed. The elves had given it up to…to what? Cianna didn’t know the reasoning behind the explosion, only that there was a lot of speculation that the scourge had reached it. Perhaps they had tainted it or perhaps they meant to use it for some horrible purpose. It was gone and she had to wonder how many of her people went with it.

“I hear that there are several people talking about going up there,” a voice from the balcony drifted in. “Commander says no, but really, what can she do?”

“She won’t stop anyone,” another voice spoke up. “She knows she needs to stay here but if you ask me, she is wanting to go herself. Hell, we all are.”

“Someone needs to head up there and scout it out.”

“Are there people going?” Cianna stepped outside to address the two elves talking.

“Levias is going,” one replied. “He is planning to go alone. I suppose he’ll tell his brother on the way out. He has a long, hard road ahead of him. I wouldn’t make that trip by myself.”

“You have someone in Silvermoon… your fiancé?” the other asked.

Cianna nodded unhappily. “He was working on getting a transfer here. Now…” her voice trailed off.

One stepped forward and patted her shoulder reassuringly, “Silvermoon is a tough place to crack. The paladins are a stout bunch. Don’t count anyone out just yet.”

“If a group went, would you go?” the other pressed on.

“I would, if only to see them there. It is a long and dangerous trip,” Cianna frowned. “There are two other healers here, they could take on any refugees… but still, not knowing how many, it may be best if I stayed here.”

“If you are willing to make the trip, then you should go. Like you said, it is a long trip and having someone skilled as a healer will help.”

Cianna sighed. “Well then, drop my name to anyone heading out.”
Styvan went to the guest section of the lodge, and immediately started to pack. He thought about leaving stuff he didnt need, but then a happenstance might occur where he needed said object, so he decided not to leave anything behind. He then took off his casual, relaxed clothes, and put on his golden yellow armor (aka T6) he had had since he passed his paladin training. He put his shield on his back, and strapped the mace to his waist. As he walked out, he heard someone call out "Wait!" He turned to see a young elf, maybe no more then 10 years older then his son, approaching.

"Is it true that your going home? Are you going to see what the Scourge did to our homeland?" The young elf asked, and Styvan nodded looking back at the direction he was planning on going. "Take me with you, I'm somewhat good with a blade!" He said, his enthusiasm making Styvan smile.

"Sorry bud," he said, tossing the kids hair. "I'm sure your good with a blade, but this is dangerous even for an accomplished paladin like myself. Besides, I dont want to look after someone besides myself." He turned, and the young man called out again.

"At least check out my parents estate. Its just south of Tranquilien." He hollered, which Styvan nodded, and figured if it wasnt that bad, then they could camp there on their way to Goldenmist. He entered the main hall to find his brother shockingly still waiting for him.

"Anyway I can still talk ya out of this?" He asked, and when Styvan shook his head, he finished with, "Thought so."
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No sooner had she turned and walked back into the lodge did she see two elves with bags. One had the trappings of a Farstrider, and judging from his expression, was more than eager to go. The other was a paladin who appeared to be rather determined. She assumed that they were heading to Quel’Thalas, but then again, they could also be moving out of the quarters to make room for refugees. Still, it didn’t hurt to ask.

“Are you headed to Quel’Thalas?” she asked, stopping by the two men.

She doubted that if they were, they would be willing to wait for her to pack her bags. In all honestly, they could probably travel far more quickly without her tagging along, but the need to see what was happening in her homeland was great. She was not a notice when it came to fighting; she had healed soldiers in the troll wars. If they were willing to take her, then she would find some other means to get there.

She knew that Gavan was probably happy that she was stationed here and would be beside himself if he knew what she was planning, but she had to go. She could just hear him now chastising her for being foolish while thanking the Light that she was there and in one piece. A dark thought crossed her mind; that was assuming she made it to Silvermoon in one piece.
Styvan looked at his brother as the female priest asked them if they were going home. "Yep," he responded, and continued to walk along side his brother. He could tell she wanted to go home the same as he did, for she carried as much pep in her step as Styvan did. "What do you think brother? Think theres room for one more?"

Levias looked at the priest. This was the same one who was healing the messenger who died what seemed like days ago. He nodded, saying, "Even though, going in with more is a bad idea, we could use a priest. Jalinde will be upset that shes losing a priest and a ranger but she'll cope I guess."

Styvan took another look at the priest, and she reminded him of his wife back home. He remembered the first time he met her, the days they would lie on the Azurebreeze Coast under a tree, and just spending time together in general. He hoped Arillas and his son Callen made it out of Goldenmist, he really did. Pulling himself from the daydream, he told the priest, "Go pack your things. We'll be leaving soon."
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