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Cianna quickly spun around and made her way to her room where she quickly packed a bag. She opted not to take much: a few changes of clothing, a water flask, and some dried rations filled most of her pack. A few other items that she thought might be necessary were added in. Her rush was mostly due to the Farstrider, who seemed to her to be impatient to get going. The last thing she did was exchange her soft shoes for a pair of sturdy boots. The shoes ended up in the bag as well.

On her way out of the room, she was stopped by the lodge’s commander. “You are going, too?”

“They will need help and you have other priests here.” Cianna replied calmly.

“One of the other priests can go,” the commander snapped.

“No, they can’t. They do not have the field experience that I do,” Cianna was a good two inches shorter than the other woman, but she stood her ground. “I am the best choice.” She bid the commander good bye and made her way towards the two waiting men.

“Going there isn’t going to make him safe or ensure that he is alive,” the commander called out to her back. “You are walking into your deaths!”

Cianna paused for a moment, knowing that the commander was referring to her fiancé. She pushed a strand of pale hair over her shoulder and set her teeth. It was a low blow, but then, the priestess had to wonder if the commander had ever loved anyone.

“Good luck, commander,” she said, casting her pale blue gaze over her shoulder at the other woman. The commander flinched, realizing just how petty she had sounded when she called out the priestess. Cianna ignored the woman and moved up to the two brothers. “I am ready.”
Levias heard little bits of pieces of Cianna's conversation, and he understood where the commander was coming from. That said, he understood where the priest was coming from. "I am ready," she said, and while Levias knew who Cianna was, he kindly introduced his brother. It was almost a week trip ahead of them, they figured it was best to start headin out. As they left the lodge, Levias looked back at the lodge. "You'll see it again," his brother said smiling.

As Levias kept thinking this was a suicide trip, Styvans mind wondered about Goldenmist Village and his family. He hoped they were alright, but his gut and brains told him that they were most likely dead. If the Scourge came to Quel'Thalas, they most likely left nothing. He picked up the pendant that hung around his neck, and closed his eyes. The pendant was actually a gift from his son for safe travels.
Cianna nodded politely to Styvans as Levias introduced him. She had been both men around the lodge, but didn’t know either of them well. A small group gathered on the steps as they left, Cianna turned and wave a hand at a few of her friends, some of whom were brushing away tears and calling out for them not to go.

She was determined to think that this was not a suicide trip. Their trio of people would be good from the standpoint that they could hide better than a larger group, it was bad if they got into a fight with a scourge patrol.

Still, the peaceful Hinterlands rose up around them. The wind blew through the trees creating a happy rustle of leaves and there were small noises of foraging animals. The green grass was dotted with flowers and their scent was carried in the air. She inhaled deeply, trying to commit the smell to memory as they crossed an open area. She could feel the sun’s warmth upon her face and for a moment, wondered just how foolish she was to make this trip.

‘If you don’t go, you will always wonder if there was something more you could have done,’ she reminded herself.

She glanced over at the two brothers; each of them was placing their life in the hands of each other. It was a sobering thought, one that chilled her heart even as the sun warmed her face and arms.

“What path are you planning on taking?” she asked Levias. The question was less about anticipation and more about getting her mind firmly wrapped around the daunting task they had ahead of them.
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Levias turned at the priest when she asked, "What path are you planning on taking?"

Levias, the skilled tracker and what not, answered with, "Well go thru the ravine that seperates Hinterlands and Eastern Lordaeron just south of Caer Darrow. We'll camp there the first night. We'll travel alongside the southern mountains, trying to bypass Darrowshire and Corrins Crossing, and try to make it to Quel'Lithien Lodge, and then make it into Quel'Thalas in 3 days."

Styvan looked at his brother, "I thought you said we werent goin to Lithien Lodge?" He asked, "Thought you said that it fallen to the Scourge?"

"It doesnt hurt to scout it out," his brother retorted back. "Besides, if it hasnt, they might know more about what happened."

"And if they are alive and kicking, they maybe planning to counterstrike, and recruit us as well. I dont want that, not yet at least. My first priority is Goldenmist." Styvan said.
Cianna listened as the two brothers shot back and forth. She was an only child herself, but grew up with friends who had siblings. Sibling rivalry was something she remembered well. She wondered how well the two would get along—this was going to be a stressful trip and the likelihood that there would be fighting was great. She really didn’t know either brother at all and hoped that she had not landed herself in a poor situation.

“It would not hurt to see if there is anyone there or near there,” she added her own opinion. She pushed a strand of her long hair back over her shoulder, “They may have information that will assist us in our endeavor or we may find someone in need of aid.”

She turned her pale blue gaze to Styvan, “We will get to Goldenmist soon enough—I personally would like to reach Silvermoon, but must agree with your brother that we should seek out any information that we can before heading in.”
"I see how it is," Styvan grumbled, folding his hands and part of his arms underneath his shoulders. "Hmph," he finished, he knew his brother was right, but didnt want to admit it.

Levias shook his head in disappointment, but being the older brother he could understand where he was coming from. If the elves at the Lodge were forming a counterstrike, then they would most likely try to recruit them. He swore that that would not happen until they found out what happened to his brothers family, and the priests fiance.

They continued to make perfect time, and soon they were at the ravine, as the sun set and the two moons came into view. They had dinner, which turned out that Styvan was a fantastic cook, and Styvan took first watch, his shield and hammer ready to go in case of any troll, dwarf, or undead incursion.
“I see how it is…”

Cianna stifled a sigh. She reminded herself that he was upset and scared, but still, they all needed to be on the same page if they were going to make it through. She turned her attention to the road as a somewhat awkward silence came over the small group. The hours and miles passed and they stopped to make camp.

Styvan offered to cook, which Cianna was thankful for. Her culinary skills were sadly lacking and she would hate to have to use her skills as a healer because she managed to give them food poisoning. What little food she had packed consisted of items that could be eaten raw—such as fruit and carrots—or items that were already cooked by someone else—such as bread.

“I am not a cook,” she told them. “If you two can manage the cooking, I will gladly clean up and help collect wood for the fire.”

When it came time to settle down, she excused herself for a few moments to get ready to sleep. She was a little stiff from the day’s journey and knew that she would be feeling sore in the morning. She took the time to rub a soothing salve over her legs and back, hoping that it would alleviate some of the soreness the next morning.

Returning to the camp, she held up the salve. “This should help with any soreness in the morning if you need it. It won’t completely relieve it, though.”

She turned to Levias, who seemed the most experienced of the two. “Wake me when you want me to keep watch,” she told him as Styvan had announced he would take the first. “You will need to be persistent—don’t just call my name. I am a deep sleeper.”

That settled, she slipped into her bedroll and was asleep in moments.
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Later that night, Styvan grabbed his hammer, prepared to attack. He had heard a noise but didnt know where or what from. He looked and saw that Cianna had woken up and had walked over to him. "You want me to keep watch now?" She asked, and Styvan shook his head.

"I got it. Don't worry, if something happens, you'll hear it," he let loose a big grin, which made Cianna lightly chuckle. His smiles were really contagious, except for the random person. Even his mentor who was extremely stern and by the book, when he was training to be a paladin, would crack a smile once in awhile when Styvan would smile.

"There aren't many elven paladins. How'd you become one?" She asked, and Styvan sat back down, his back leaning against the tree.

"Well, just before the Second War, I was a priest, like you." He began and Cianna laughed a little. "It's true, I was a priest. Then the call from Archbishop Faol, came out for special training to become paladins. I sadly wasnt in the first, second or third wave, but I became a paladin under Gavinrad the Dire towards the very end of the War."
((Just to make some conversation, Im askin some questions for ya, and you have my permission to do the same =) ))

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The night was eerily quiet. In the land ravaged by the scourge anything that had been living had long since fled or been consumed. She wasn’t certain what woke her—normally once she was out, she was out for the night. Perhaps it was the quiet, her sleeping mind missing the normal sounds of night foraging animals. Perhaps it was the anticipation that she would need to get up to take watch. Regardless, her eyes fluttered open and she stared at a gnarled looking tree for a few minutes, thinking that she would fall back asleep.

Sleep eluded her and it was disconcerting. In all of her life, the one thing she didn’t have a problem with was sleeping. Her friends used to joke that she could sleep through a war and it probably wasn’t far from the truth. More than once she had been hoisted out of her bed in the middle of the night by one of the guards trying to wake her up to tend to someone who had been injured. Getting jerked from her bed was preferable to getting water dumped on her.

Styvan was keeping guard and she wondered if it were time for her to keep watch. She rolled out of her bed, slipped on her boots and padded over to him asking if it were her turn. He replied no, giving her a wide grin. The two conversed for a small amount of time. She had been surprised to hear that he had once been a priest; to her he honestly did not seem to have the demeanor. Perhaps that was why he opted to become a paladin.

“I am content to remain a priest,” she said quietly. “I am very comfortable in that role.” She gestured to the weapon he carried, “I am not so good at martial weapons. I am a much better medic.”
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"Well we all have a calling, mine was being a paladin, and yours was being a priest, as was my brother a Farstrider, like my father," He punched the ground lightly, and looked at the priest, "My father wanted me to be a Farstrider, but when my knack of the Holy Light was shown, I was placed into priesthood. My father and I had a fight, and I went to the Silvermoon Monastary to train as a priest. I never saw my father or my mother again, seeing how I was away when the Second War came, and the barbaric Horde almost destroyed our kingdom. I swore after that, that if I were to have a child, I would support him in anyway I could. And now it seems like the rest of my family has died once again while I am away from home,"

He started to well up with tears, finally admitting that the chance of his son and wife were dead, and most likely marching with the Scourge as they spoke. He reached into his shirt, and pulled out a necklace. It was in the shape of silver dragon, and from the head to the claws was malachite gem. "My son gave this to me," he said, showing Cianna the necklace. "He thought it would give me safe passage on my trip to here. Wish it also gave him safety as well." He punched the ground again, and laid his head back against the tree.
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“I swore after that, that if I were to have a child, I would support him in any way I could. And now it seems like the rest of my family has died once again while I am away from home."

Cianna gave him a gentle smile, “Don’t assume the worst just yet. They may still be alive.”

She glanced out into the darkness. She had no idea as to what time it was, but certainly, he seemed like he could use a break. She opened her mouth to suggest that he let her take over when he reached into his shirt, pulled a necklace and told her that it had been a gift from his son. She leaned forward and looked at the pendant, thinking it rather unusual.

“No one could predict that the scourge would come,” she sat back, pushing her pale hair back from her face. “Why don’t you get some rest? I can take the watch for awhile then wake your brother.”

She didn’t suggest that he sleep. His words told her that he was upset and regretful and she knew that sleep would most likely elude him tonight—just like it was eluding her at the moment. Perhaps a few hours up with the quiet darkness would bring peace to her mind—just as it might bring peace to his—and once Levias took over, she could sleep the rest of the night.
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He nodded, and said "Maybe your right, maybe I need to get some rest." He looked once at his brother, who was using Rhyas (his lynx companion) as somewhat of a pillow. He chuckled, and they laid down, almost falling asleep instantly.

He dreamt tho. In his dream he was there in Goldenmist with his son and wife. It was a beautiful, warm day, and everybody was out in the village. The local magister was entertaining a group of youngsters with different conjured elementals. His son Kallen (I mightve gotten the name I used wrong, sorry) was sitting on his (Styvan's) shoulders while Arlyandas walked next to them, holding his hand. It was perfect. Then the sky turned dark, and it seemed to get cold. Everyone looked around to see what was happening, only to see a massive undead army coming down upon the peaceful village. The children screamed, running to find their parents while meanwhile the defenders took up any weapons they could muster. It was to no avail, the defenders while putting up a valiant defense, were cut down, and as they fell, they would arise to attack their former kin.

Styvan, Arlyandas and Kallen ran, hoping they could get away from the undead army. They were able to get into their house, and Styvan immediately started to put on his armor, while Arlyandas grabbed her priest staff. They told Kallen to hide in a cub-bard, like he sometimes did, and whatever he heard, to not make a sound. A few minutes went by, even tho it felt like an eternity, and Styvan was starting to let the hammer go down to his side, when the door blew open. A mass of undead started to push through the doorways, and then in anyway they could. Styvan and Arlyandas let loose a fury of Holy Light towards the undead.

"Can't keep up much longer," she cried, and Styvan knew that this was the end. He fought his way over to his wife, and started taking on the undead that had somewhat began to surround her. But the undead kept coming.

"I love you," he said, and saw in his eyes, the tears that had started to streak down her face. They embraced, in a deep emotional kiss, as they both felt death had struck them both. As they both crumpled to the ground, he looked briefly at the cubbard where Kallen had hidden. The undead were on their way to him, and as the Holy Light started to leave Styvan, he mustered one last spell he learned, one that would leave his son untouchable to the necromancers.

Styvan awoke with a jolt, grabbing his hammer, and yelling "KALLEN!" He looked around, and saw that Cianna and Levias were up, already eating, with the hint of morning coming to the campsite. Rhyas also jolted upwards, preparing to stike, and then when she realized that no enemy was near, she stretched, and let out a growl like yawn.
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The morning came, the sun slowly illuminating the hazy horizon. It did little to warm up the cold air that had settled over the land during the night. Cianna was huddled on her bedroll munching on an apple. She was tired. Her lack of sleep from the previous night would most likely end up haunting her today and at the moment, she struggled to remain upright. She so very badly wanted to lay back down and sleep for another hour or two.

She had given Styvan—who was still sleeping—an envious glance earlier as she pulled herself out from under the blankets. She supposed that his brother would wake him soon enough and turned her thoughts forward to getting to bed early this upcoming evening. She would lose a little sleep each night due to the watch, but as long as she didn’t keep herself up too long after they ate supper, she would adapt just fine.

She gave a small shiver as she finished her apple and pulled her cloak closer around her before she tore into a small loaf of raisin bread. She was lost in her thoughts of her former home at Sunsail Anchorage; perhaps once this was all over, she could go back there and see some old friends. She mentally ticked off some names of people she would like to visit, her mind conveniently forgetting the current plight of her homeland, when Styvan started up from his bedroll with a cry.

Startled, she looked at him wondering what had caused him to cry out.
"Bought time you got up," Levias said, looking at his brother, and stirring a pot above the campfire. The aroma, while somewhat smelly, did make both brothers hungry. Eating as fast as they could, they packed up their things, and started headed north.

"You know that Tyr's Hand would be a nice stop for tonight," Styvan said, as the rode towards the ravine that seperated the Hinterlands and Eastern Lordaeron.

"Tyr's Hand I heard was overtaken by some fanatical, I dont think we want to go that route." Levias responded and saw his brother shake his head in agreement. "No, we'll be camping tonight again. But first I wanna get around Caer Darrow, thats where the REAL FUN begins."
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Cianna listened as Levias outlined their path. Caer Darrow? Even she knew how infested with the scourge that place had become. The road led right through there but certainly, would it not be safer to head around it? Perhaps there was something that she didn’t know—she would have just have to trust the Farstrider and remain vigilant when they neared the fallen town.

“Please remember that if we get into a fight, you both will need to stay within my sight. My spells will only reach so far and I am not very mobile,” she told them as she packed the last of her things. “I am ready to go.”
As they traveled through the ravine Styvan couldnt shake the feeling that they were being watched. He could feel the hairs literally standing up on the back of his neck. "We're being-" Styvan began.

"Watched," Levias finished. "I know, I smelt a foul stench just as soon as we entered the ravine. Cianna, keep an eye out, we may have company shortly." He said looking at the priest behind him, and then looking at his brother, "You think its the Scourge?"

Styvan shook his head, "I am not certain, I have smelt death before, and this doesnt smell like it. I do not know what the stench is exactly." As they continued down the ravine, towards Caer Darrow, the party kept getting more uneased. "Think we shouldve gone another way," he said, and Levias nodded in agreement.
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