No Panda's for DK's ?

Death Knight
So anyone else Kinda bummed not being able to Race change your DK to Panda? I know I am! Darn you Blizz !!

It's lore breaking. Goblins are better anyway.
not really..and besides the Lich King would go broke trying to cover the fat backsides of pandas with armor..lot of metal needed there
"All that I am: anger, cruelty, vengeance - I bestow upon you, my chosen knight. Rise, my champion!"
"Yaaaawn. Mhhh. Boy, that was one doozy of a nap! Why, hello there! That's a mighty fancy sword you've got there. I bet it's a big hit at parties."
"Listen well, death knight, for I give to you the words that will start a war. My final judgment has been passed: Death. To..."
"Now, I hate to interrupt, but I'm feeling miiiighty peckish! Would there be a cafeteria somewhere on this fine, fine, floating pagoda? Or perhaps a pub? Or - oh, I'm not picky. Why, I'd settle for a noodle stall. Juice bar?"
"We... we've a mess hall. Just look for the giant, rotting guy with the mushrooms and rancid meat. Now, could you focus, here?"
"Say no more, boss! I'm all about duty! Ready and willing, that's me!"
"Ahem. As I was saying: Death. To. All. None shall stand so boldly against the might of the Scourge without reprisal!"
"Now, don't you think we're being a bit harsh, here? Fighting is all well and good, but I think that our current problem can be solved without violence."
"It really can't. Plus, I like violence. That's sort of a thing for me."
"Come now! What we have here is just your typical spat between neighbors. Why, I remember the time my grandfather was feuding with his neighbor over a tree. My grandfather had a lovely tree, but the neighbor, oh, he complained that it blocked the light from his tulips. Why, things between them were so bad that they were hardly speaking to one another! ... So one day, my grandmother invited the neighbor over for tea. Oh, she made just the loveliest jasmine tea, with just a hint of..."
"Okay, yeah, this isn't working out. I'm recycling you for Abomination parts. Someone bring me the corpse of something that'll get with the program, here."

Your post really made my night. Good reading. XD
Nope, kinda joyed for that actually. I would of hated Panda DKs...

It's lore breaking.

but i love watching them walking around in tier 6

It's lore breaking. Goblins are better anyway.

Worgen were lore-breaking as well, but implemented nonetheless.

I do wish I could be a fuzzy, bouncing ball of death. Sigh...
Worgen were around in grizzly hills. I'm not positive but I think lore-wide it could make sense. Plus goblins make sense and it'd be hard to do one and not the other.

But pandas? Pretty glad they didn't try to pu that off.
Worgen are in no way lore breaking seeing as how they have been in Azeroth since Arthas took head of the Scourge.

As for the OP, no I am not bummed about being unable to have a panda DK. Wouldn't make much sense considering Pandaria was engulfed in the mists before the Scourge onslaught, or at least most of it.

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