Free xfers anyone?

LOL, this is rediculous. Might want to xfer off if this continues.
I pay to play. Not to stare at a 90% loading screen QQ.
Yeah, I'm pretty irritated at myself for having transferred myself here. With the lag in the first zone of Pandaria the game feels unplayable. If Blizzard offered free transfers off Illidan I would probably move all 4 of my characters.
Calm down. It will settle down.
As I understand it you can move them almost anywhere you want but you have to pay for it.
It could be must worse. Everyone has their !!#*%!%! wet and hard now with new expansion. Give it a week or 2 and it will calm down. These queues are nothing compared to Cataclysm release. I do agree this is absurd to even allow servers to get this over populated where we sit in queue for hours and hours like at a DMV.
09/25/2012 03:42 PMPosted by Øbamallama

This is much worse than the DMV, we want to play wow and are being blue balled!
But yeah everyone needs to chill the !@#$ out... it is a new expansion. Did you expect no one to be on for it?
Free transfers would be great.
People who work can't play I guess, cause by the time this pops it'll be the next day.
09/25/2012 04:23 PMPosted by Sylverstone
People who work can't play I guess, cause by the time this pops it'll be the next day.

Agreed, this game caters to those with no life.
I agree, I'm 2700th in que...
yeah this is pretty out of hand so far i've been waiting about 1 and a half hours to que
Idk guys, it's nice to finally be able to idle somewhere other than Org/SW. The loading screen feels right at home. If you prefer a more red and black themed screen, you can just DC then sit in the Queue before the loading screen. It's like.. giving us 2 new great places to waste time or afk and play a real game. Why did I buy this xpac? oh right because they own me. I thought we abolished slavery...nope.. nope we didn't.

These guys sure know how to deliver.
Actually the queues tonight aren't that bad. Cata's queues for the 9-5er players was far worse on release - try 3-3.5 hours for the first week. If anything this tells me less people are playing now since 2 hours seems to be the rule, so it will calm down faster.

And for free xfers? When they tried that with Cata they offered extremely low pop servers for free. If you're getting out of here, it's either that low pop choice or you pay. Not many people did it, so you had queues for prime time up through Christmas. They've never learned population control in Irvine. =)
Its ONLY a 160 minute wait to play a game we pay for? OH wait, FLAWLESS launch again blizzard. I'm so happy you learned from your 3 previous launch failures. This is unacceptable, the casual gamer can't wait over 2 hours to log into the game.

ya this is pretty ridiculous been siting in que for about an hour and a half and stil says about another 110min before i can play at 1200 in que position

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