Why Nerf Destro When Not OP To Begin With?

Ember building now takes 2-3 times longer. Before 3.5 ish Incinerates gave me one ember. Now I can prove it with video that it's taking me 8 or so. I think it's completely bogus because the biggest weakness/issue for Destro to begin with is that unless you wind up those embers... you won't do much. They made us so dependent on embers for most of our good things and lowered the generation rate.
What? Nothing's changed...
It never took 3.5 incinerates to generate one ember. An incinerate crit generates (and has always generated, at least on live) 2/10 of an ember. Nothing was changed.
Trust me... the ember building is slower now and every single lock in my guild has commented on this. Maybe the difference is being exaggerated by me.... but it exists.
Usually after 3-4 incinerates, can cast conflag again. But it is usually 6-8 incinerates before 1 ember is available. I've experienced that since patch day of the new system.
Ya, nothings changed in pacing since 5.0 went live. Incinerate generates 1 spark (1 tenth of an ember) per cast, plus an additional spark if it crits. Immolate generates 1 spark per crit.
Wow people are stupid it wasn't lowered at all... I can generate a ember in 4 to 6 seconds seconds with out using dark soul.
Ember generation isn't slower; your friends simply leveled up. We've been saying for months now that Destro was fine at 85 and awful at 90. Not exactly news.
If their level has changed, then their stat weighting has changed. Less stats at higher levels and so less crit. Which means less embers.

If their level hasnt changed then they are just getting bad RNG. Which can happen.

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