I am one crap Player....

I always have been. But i want to improve.

i want to play prot and ret for both pvp and pve, aside from Vangaurds awesome 5.0 ret pvp guide are there good guides out there.....

As far as pvp with a prot or ret paladin, I guess it's about personal choice.

Prot, when speced correctly has great survivability, supporting abilities, and interuppts. You aren't going to do a lot of damage, but one on one if the fight lasts long enough, there is a very good chance you will win.

Ret is more focused on burst damage, and timing your cooldowns correctly to maximize this burst damage. It also has very good survivability for a dps spec. Overall ret sadly is a better spec for pvp, mainly for it's burst combined with survivability, I just personally don't like it.

Since I leveled my paladin, I really have began to love my class and spec, she is quickly becoming my main.

For guides, I am unfamiliar with them, I just slowly improve my technique and combos with observation and practice.
I haven't seen too many guides for rets aside from the ones on youtube for 4.3
Kernels of advice like " remember to keep up inquisition for maximum dps" or "build up 5hp first" are things you gotta search for through this forum.

How about you post something you're having trouble with? Like "mages **** on me, or "I can't survive", things like that. Aside from class-specific issues there could be a large amount of fundamental things you are / aren't doing. Like, you could be paying better attention to your surroudings so you don't get pulled by dk's into a mob or... you somehow wander into a fire mage and a shadow priest.

For starters though, let's talk about talents and glyphs. For talents you should get rid of eternal flame in favor of sacred shield. I'd also get rid of Unbreakable Spirit as it's passive benefit isn't going to help you in the here and now. Clemency is probably your best bet even if you have Emancipate to get you out of snares. It means that Sacrifice and BoP are always ready for to use.

For glyphs, I remember Templar's Verdict made you take 10% less damage after use, or something like that. Glyph of Harsh Words is nice too, as a lot of rets on this forum have noticed it hits harder than TV (ungeared and yadda yadda ).

There is one very important thing you should remember though. Gear makes ALL the difference. Without PvP gear you are not gonna do any damage to others and others are going to NAIL you because of resilience. When I got my first 2 set pieces I could notice how much more I was surviving.

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