Can GTX 570 users expect a hotfix?

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i personally found my issue not to be with my video card and its performance, however it was how directx 11 and nvidia cards have been playing horribly with WoW. I was running dx 11 and was constantly having display driver stopped responding and recovered errors while doing dailies. in 5 mans and raids, worked fine. ended up reverting back to dx9 for the time being but whatever the issue with dx11 and nvidia cards and wow is something has GOT to be resolved. I can run any other game on the market using dx11 and my current driver having no issues. would seem to me that it has something to do on blizz's implementation of DX11 into the mop zones.
My GTX570 black screen flickers have been coming from my HDMI cable i changed back to DVI and all is well with the world again haven't flickered since :) hope this helps someone
I have been fighting with this game for a year now on a pair of gtx 580's running SLI @ 2560x1600. Have tried everything imaginable (Including rebuilding OS) short of switching to DX9. I can say with a fair amount of certainty that this is NOT a hardware related issue -- I've been able to reproduce it consistently in some cases, where after a cold power cycle, logging back in the game would immediately hang the graphics driver over and over trying to draw the same scene.

I have yet to experience any problems once SLI is disabled, other than poor frame rates at my settings. If SLI is reenabled, eventually the game will hang the graphics driver.

If there's any way to capture debug info when this happens, perhaps that would help isolate the problem.

Also, I am wondering what Blizzard's future direction on supported clients is going to be. I never thought I'd ever be saying this, but I'd like to know if the game will be ported to linux. With Microsoft constantly pulling the rug out from us with their ribbon interfaces and tiley floating squares, Windows 7 to me is the end of the line. That's not even considering the upgrade cost, 2 machines with ultimate version cost me $600 to upgrade windows on, an experience that I don't care to repeat.
Rifraff - it is known that some nVidia cards are slightly undervolted causing "display driver has stopped responding and windows has recovered"

Do this voltage tweek and I suspect all your problems will go away.

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