Can't queue for random cata normal

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Okay, this is probably something simple, but I am stuck. When I try to queue up for a random cata normal dungeon, I get a message that says I do not meet the requirements for the chosen dungeon. I can queue up for a random cata heroic without issues, I can queue for Hour of Twilight, and pre-MoP I could run the normals without issue.

I am still 85, have not leveled beyond that point yet. If it is because I am too high level, then Blizz should remove the normal cata dungeons from the random dungeon finder for level 85+. If it's something else, then I can't figure it out.
i am having this problem too, not sure what it is, guess i got some reading to do.
I have 3 lvl 85s all with item lvls around 348 and they can Que for heroics and even the new dungeons but the normals i get the same. I thought i had to re find the entrances but not the case...
i got the same thing too. it sux cuz i gotta get jp's for the heirloom staff for my panda monk.

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