More noob questions

I am again going to apologise for asking a noob question but i have been gone from the game since right after the cata exp. and warlocks are totally different then they were before that exp (I never really got used to it after)

So i am hoping that someone could give me a rough rotation that i can spam so i can start doing a few quests. It doesnt have to be the best or anything just something to get me started while i take some time and research. I basicly have to relearn how to play everything.
Go to your spell book, they basically give you at least a look at what to cast depending on your spec, wow is cake now.
go affliction.

soul burn
soul swap
Curse of Element.
Malific grasp until almost dead.
Soul leach if u need shards.
Destro rotation is very easy

Single Target
Curse of Elements>Immo>Conflag>Spam Incinerate

You build up Burning Embers spend those on Choas Bolt when the mood strikes you. Has a long cast, so be aware, but hits like a truck.

Rain of Fire (not channeled for Destro)>Fire and Brimstone>Immo> single target rotation. If you spec into harvest life, that works well for AoE as well.
Thanks. That should get me by until I can do some research on talents and such.

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