MoP Keeps Freezing Up?!

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MoP keeps doing this annoying screen lock ups. Very random today, not as bad as on Tuesday morning. That was awful, but it went away for the rest of the day.

Today is a different sorry. You'll be playing the game having fun and then FREEZE! for like 10 seconds. ugh.. from yesterday.

Thing you should know. It happen to me once the night before Launch and today while sitting with just the log-in screen up. I haven't even logged in yet, wtf?

EVGA GTS 450 (current)
Time Warner Cable
What else is running on your machine at the time ?

If it's a Windows PC, what does Task Manager show about CPU and memory usage during the lockups ?

How much RAM and swap file space do you have available ?
I'm having the same issue as well. Not sure what the cpu and memory usage is. THe freezeup reminds me of when you are using your internet browser and it suddenly stops working. Like..I can move my mouse around fine and tab out of it fine, but the game itself is "stuck" or "stuttery." its really odd.
Okay, it happened again. I'm actually going to liken this to when my PS3 gets laggy playing Fallout New Vegas.

Right now it's happening whenever I try and open the character screen to change gear. It lags..then freezes..then sits there. Currently, it says
Wow-64.exe Memory 977088k,
I don't know how to tell the RAM and file space...

But it says Physical Memory
Total 8190
Cached 4432
Free: 853 (numbers are changing so won't equal up there)

Kernel Memory:
Total 833
Paged:P 671
Nonpaged 162

Page File under the system says 5155m/16561m

Phys memory: 55%, CPU Usage 1-4%

Nothing else is really running on my computer except virus program, curse, and this internet window.
I'm having this too. At 1st I thought it was because it was on my SSD so i moved it to one of my HDD. Still happening I have the AMD-8120 8GB of RAM. so it has to be game side. wondering if they are working on this. Blizz please help us some times its hard to play the game when it does it it mostly happens when my bag is open (use bagnon) along with something else like a vendor or quest turn in, bank, charter info HELP!

im going to disable bagnon for now to see if that helps
Same problem, when I open my character or try to reforge it just freezes up for up to 30 seconds at a time. Took me about an hour to change from PvE to PvP gear. I think it's a problem at their end, not ours
i dont freeze up on the continent of pandaria but i cant play my worgen or go into stormwind or play battlegrounds because it freezes up
I had a similar issue that turned out to be an addon interference type deal. The addon that was causing all my "freeze-ups" was the gearscore/playerscore addon.... if you have it disable it and see if it doesnt clear up.
I've been having this issue for the past month now, occurs w/o addons running and even after deleting my cache, wtf, interface, folders and everything else.
mine will freeze up after the game screen blacks out about 6 times, but i have to reboot my computer every time it freezes. it doesnt do it vey often in pandaria, but when im playing my dk or in a dungeon with any other char, it does it quite often. its quite annoying, yet i have no clue how to fix it. any ideas?
This doesn't help anyone, I know, but I just want to draw attention to the fact that you peeps are NOT alone:

Bunches of us are having these retarded freezes that cause us to reset our PCs. They happen at random, though they definitely are most annoying in Arenas and Dungeons.

What is even weirder is that it happens on AMD and Nvidia cards.
I had this issue until I disabled Player/Gear Score. Thank you HolyGoddess!
I'm glad you found a solution. I have been running without addons since MoP launch and I still have random freezes.
Kastraelie you are not alone.

Im having this random freeze issue since last week... im playing w/o any addons as well and still get 2~4 random freezes per day and im SURE its nothing to do with our machines, i play other games besides wow that are way heavier and they run smoothly.

coincidence or not, these freezes started (for me) and more constantly for some friends of mine that already had this issue before, with the new raids last week, maybe there is something to do with
it, but for now we need more feedback on Blizz.

Ill be checking this thread and will bring more information as i discover! :]
Is anyone else still having this issue? I deleted WTF, Interface & Cache and still nothing, I log on and 2-5 minutes later, I freeze. I'm currently repairing and will post again to see if it's working after that. I had the same problem a month ago or less and it turns out it was my addon Altoholic, but I also deleted that before doing what I said before.. We'll see.
It seems if I make it windowed, it crashes. Which is odd because I've always played windowed. Currently full-screen and it seems to be okay. Hopefully re-downloading my addons won't mess it up.

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