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I am currently in the market for a new guild. My raid availability changed about a week before MoP hit and it kinda threw me for a loop. I am looking for a guild that is going to raid between 3-4 nights a week with an 8pm PST (11pm EST) start time.

I am only looking for a guild that is going to progress extremely quickly into the MoP content and is going to be ready to raid by the release of the first raid. I will be raid ready by tuesday that is a promise. I have been playing my shaman since Vanilla and I can play Resto or Enhancement. Or just be that guy that swings between specs. I have theory crafted most of the fights in MoP or have done them on the beta. Once again... if you're going to start raiding a month from now please just ignore this post.
Hey there,

Our guild is definitely going to be hitting the raids hard and heavy as soon as the first one drops.

Here is our post: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6678988829

If you think our gameplay matches yours, feel free to email me back (realid is at bottom of our post)

We are NOT a hardcore guild. we are mostly adults, married with kids etc.. But we take raiding very seriously and actually moved our guild to our current server 3 months ago to get more out of raiding on a bigger server.


Quick Easy Info
Smoke N a Pankcake 8/8hm - 25 Man Accomplished progression guild, Loot council, 11:30PM-2:30AMCST Tues-Thursday. [A] US Korgath. Very active server for pvp and pve. Currently Lead by multiple 8/8HM experience leaders. LATE NIGHT RAIDING!
My battletag: Ryan#1397
We are currently pushing strong for the upcoming first MOP Raid this Tuesday! Act fast for a core spot in this experience!

Smoke N a Pancake
Smoke N a Pancake was formally known as Steel on the server Bladefist during TOC in WOTLK. Within months of the release of Ice Crown Citadel, we had fought our way to the top and claimed that rank 1 server position. Ever since we have strived to do the same. Near the release of Cataclysm, real life events took place that took me, the GM, away from the game for a short period of time. Many quit aswell and just a handful stuck around. Now we are back and pushing progression as hard as possible in Mist of Pandaria with several Saviors of Azeroth and other experienced players. Starting off in MOP we strive to push ourselves to the top as quickly as possible. Steel has always been a 25 man HM progression guild. We are currently pushing recruitment strong to get that 25 man core back into place and push our rank back where it should be.

Korgath is a PvP server on the battlegroup Vengeance. Korgath has several extremely solid players in the PvP aspect of this game. In which two of our officers being Gladiators in multiple seasons. From personal experience, it is not hard at all to find arena team partners to push decent ratings, including 2200+ and beyond, and also RBGS are almost always taking place in trade chat. If most of your time outside of raiding is spent in Arenas and or battlegroups, I can promise you will always have that here on Korgath.

What you should know
*While Raiding IS VERY important to us, so is maintaining an organised, vibrant and drama free Guild Environment.
*We are located on a very active server, with constant trade chat raids, stable economy, with also a very strong group of PVP players. (A-Korgath)
*We are very strict on our attendance. We dont plan to hold a bench, so keep your spot in the core simply by showing up.
*We raid 11:30PM-2:30AM Central Tues-Thursday. All days are mandatory.
*We expect everyone to be online and ready to go at 11:15PM Server. Flask, food, ect.
*YOU are expected to know your class inside and out. Not just your primary spec. We expect that you keep up with solid research and changes to your class. We cant push your buttons for you, but we can see when you are not pushing them correctly. In a interview, you should be able to explain stuff to us about your class and spec.

We are recruiting for MOP. The best 25 will always go, so do not hesitate to apply even if your class is closed.

Do not apply IF!
*You cannot make the time commitment to raid with 90% or greater attendance.
*You have issues in real life that randomly take you away from the game.
*You have little to no heroic raiding experience.

How do you get loot?
You will go through an untimed trial period upon receiving acceptance. This could be anywhere from 1-3 weeks depending on your performance, attendance, and attitude during raids. Everything we do revolves around the success of the raid and the guilds progression. We use an unbiased loot council and all drops will be sent toward helping out the raid as a whole with the factors of that persons dedication, time with the guild, and performance. Loot is always distributed to what we feel is best for the raid.

If you like what you have seen so far, please put in an application. Your first impression will be made with the app itself so be creative, show us what you're made of, and put in as much effort into your app as you would in any raid you would expect to attend. Again, we're always accepting exceptional applicants even if your class is closed.
Server: Blackrock - PvP - PST - Los Angeles Datacenter - High Pop - Horde
Battlegroup: Bloodlust
Guild LvL: 25
Raid Size: 10 Man
Current Progress: 2 Groups 8/8 HMs
Guild Website: http://midnightparadox.enjin.com/

About Us
Midnight Paradox does not classify ourselves as a hardcore guild, but more a relaxed progression guild. As we spend a lot of time playing this game, we want Midnight Paradox to be an environment in which we enjoy spending that time, and seeing end game content while still current. We take our guild’s social cohesion seriously, and we believe that it’s often the single most important force behind our team’s success. Hence, we’re seeking team oriented players who understand that it’s often necessary to put Guild needs before individual wants.

We have chosen to focus on 10 mans because they have proven to not only be difficult but we also feel that they stress the importance of individual performance and accountability more than their larger counterpart. We will be running a 11-15 man roster to ensure hard mode kills that require specific classes and specs. EVERYONE will get to raid. We will rotate players quickly and efficiently during loot and trash to continue pulling at a fast pace. Those who do not get to raid will run in other groups we have going.

Our current Raid schedule:
Tues - Wed 8:30pm - 11:30pm Server Time (pst)

We are always recruiting skilled and dedicated players, regardless of class. We do not accept applicants for bench spots. You will have a fair opportunity to show us what you have. Our trial period generally lasts about 2 weeks. During this period, we evaluate trial raiders based on their attitude, attendance, skill level, situational awareness, and cohesiveness with the guild as a whole. Current needs:

Raid Leading a Plus
Tanks: Open
Healers: Open (None Druid)
Rdps: Closed
Melee: Open (None DK)

Suicide Kings is a loot system. This puts all members who are part of the raid group into a list in random order. From that point on, whenever a purple/token item drops, those at the top of the list can choose to "suicide", which means that they take the item and are moved to the bottom of the list. If someone "suicides" then everyone below them moves up a slot. Those who aren't in the raid, stay in the same position.

1. 18+ years old.
2. Vent & working mic.
3. Extensive raiding experience, high skill level, extensive knowledge of raiding and class mechanics, high raid awareness.
4. Able to maintain a minimum of 95% raid attendance.
5. Research every boss fight BEFORE stepping foot into it. Boss strategies will be posted in our member forums.
6. We expect you to be a member of our guild, not just someone who shows up for raids and then disappears the next 4 days. We don't expect you to spend all of your time on WoW. That's not what we are about. However, checking the guild website regularly is required, and we would prefer you make an effort to get to know your fellow guildies. The closer we are with each other, the better the team we will be.

How to Apply:
- Go to midnightparadox.enjin.com
- Read the Q & A
- Provide us with a detailed application, and do not leave any fields blank. If you do not have any of the requested items (logs, screenshot, etc) then make sure you get them before applying.
- All applications are private! Nobody from your old/current guild will be able to see it.

For Additional Information:
GM: Akie
Co-Gm: Eklipsa
Officers: Kcufehttahw, Aparadoze
Recruiting Officer: Kaebl

Note: If no one is available, ask someone in guild as the chances are some one may be on a alt that will be able to speak with you.
We are Legendz Never Die a casual raiding guild focus on progression. We come from Thrall back in wotlk. We were number 2 raiding guild on thrall. We just reformed after a small brake on Illidan then xfer on mug`thol. We are in need of serious dedicate raider whos looking progress quick.

We use teamspeak, much more user friendly than vent and with less issues and better quality.

We raid Tu-Th-Sun . 12:15 est to 3:15 est and sunday 10:00pm to 3:00am. (all time are in estern canada zone)

We are open recruitment all classes. contact me, thirdstring or pandolum , u can leave msg here too.
Hey there <Paint it Blacker> (Blackrock - US - Horde Guild) Is looking for exceptional players to add to our roster. We are currently only accepting people with high skill levels so we can be able to raid without having people slacking off, and everyone pulling thier weight.

Raid Times:

Monday - 11pm - 1am
Wednesday 11pm - 1am
Friday 10pm - 2am
Saturday 10pm - 2am

If you feel like you have what it takes and you are interested in talking with me more add my Battletag (Undergruff#1804) So we can talk more. Have a good day.

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