Mac-Specific Guild Banner Rendering Problem

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My guild banner is not rendering properly on a Mac client. It is correctly rendering on PC clients.

The banner is gold thunderbolts on a blue background with gold trim. The blue background does not render on the Battle Standard of Coordination, Standard of Unity, Banner of Cooperation, or even the Golden King mount. It does render correctly on the Mobile Banking chest.

This is happening on both an iMac and retina MacBook Pro. (Both are running Lion 10.7.5.) I've cleared the caches but that has not rectified the problem.

Has anyone else seen this issue?
Can you post screenshots of what it suppose to look like vs what it is showing on the Mac?
Having this same issues on the PC. So are a lot of guildies. No matter what background color I set it too, it shows up as White. I'm using the most current nvidia drivers.

Happens on the golden king, guild herald, mobile banking.. etc. Been like this for a month or more. Just finally decided to see if anyone else posted about it.
This sounds like more of a bug then. This is something that would need to be posted in the bug forum, as this isn't Mac specific from what it sounds like.

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