Holy Leveling?

09/26/2012 02:57 PMPosted by Gomhuln
and as I looked at WoWhead, it seems that Holy actually got some damage boosts for while they're out and about. Is this true?

Ha! WoWhead ish funneh!

I leveled Holy, beginning to end... Up through Cat it was fun, posed some challenges that kinda added to the experience. In MoP I'm still Holy, but I don't recommend it. Doable barely, and soo not fun at all.

Generally, there are too many mobs in close proximity to begin with, and seem to have a stupidly large aggro range on top... can't outheal them all. And too, the volume of mobs between here and there, without flight or any reasonable dps, kinda makes you wanna cry that by the time you've downed a few, twice as many have respawned on your face.
09/28/2012 12:06 AMPosted by Lisheevayen
I like using Solace than Smite because of good mana return.

I am not sure about this, Smite costs about 800 mana in Chastise chakra with evangelism. I have yet to drop below 80% mana while leveling.

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