High levels vs Low level

Pet Battles
So I have had several pet battle where I have 3 pets around lvl 7 and joining the pet battle system. When the fight starts people keep having a level lik 13-15 then low levels like 3-5 to compensate so that they can fight low level parties and always win. I think this kind of thing need to be fixed.

Maybe if your max level has to equal at least 1 of the other persons max level. This would keep people from cheating the system.
I'm not sure if you get paired with higher lvl players cuz the system feels you can handle it. I learned quickly that I can get way more xp doing pvp pet battles vs higher lvl opponents. I'm sure the people losing are frustrated but honestly their team comp is not so great, and they literally have no combos. Hang in there, you can do it!!!

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