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So I'm level 44 right now and playing as a Wind Walker. I only have the BoA Cloak and Helm, just to throw that in there.

Anyways... My question is; Do you think it would be faster to continue to grind dungeons or do quests? I'm sitting at 19 hours played right now and don't know if that's slow in comparison to questing. I mainly just want to get to outlands because I actually don't mind questing there and I also really like the dungeons that Outlands has to offer.

Any advice would be appreciated. And any insight on Brewmaster Vs Wind Walker for questing
19 hours is pretty bad for level 44. I'm sitting at 1 & 6 hours half way through 88 and a lil afk time was in that. I went from 80-88 fyi.

At your scale if you'd done quests while in queue for dungeons then you'd probably be where you want to by now.

So the answer is both, quest while dungeon, if you out level a zone, move to the next.

Did the same thing on my ele shaman when I leveled him a year ago as well as my warrior
Grab the other heirlooms so speed it up. I had this war sitting at 43 or something after 7 hours played
Went 1-65 in under 24 hours. What made it so fast was the fact I gained 10 levels before the Enlightenment buff vanished. At Level 10, I did the class quest, then did the daily to give me 2 hours of the buff. Every 10 levels, I'd do the class quest and add another hour.

I literally had the buff from 1-65 without it vanishing.

And as someone said, more heirlooms helps.
Well right now I cant really get more heirlooms till I hit 90 on my warrior but I'm quite burnt out on em atm
And even as dps the queue times are near instant

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