Mistweaver - [help/harm] macro input?

I'm looking through all of the abilities that I will be using at level cap as a Mistweaver Monk; It's a little bit overwhelming.

One of the thing that I did with my discipline priest to help clear up some room on the action bar was create a macro for two of my spells that would cast a different spell based on whether the target was friendly or hostile. They looked a little bit like this.

/cast [harm] Smite; Heal;


/cast [harm] Holy Fire; Greater Heal;

I was considering doing something similar to that with a few of the monk abilities. I was considering pairing Jab with Soothing Mists, Tiger Palm with Surging Mists, and Blackout Kick with Enveloping Mists.

I'm sure I'll try it out for myself, but if anybody has any other ideas or input on how to help manage your hotkeys, let me know!
Update! I have made up these macros, they seem to be working well in the random dungeons. Granted, I am only level 38 and I'm not having to deal with raid mechanics.
Ya once I get leveled up I was going to square away a lot of my addons and macros. I got a good bit done while on on flight paths and whatnot but my main issue right now is Surging Mist. I want the same button to be both a mouse over macro as well as the button used when channeling Soothing Mist but since its mouse over, it will only cast if I'm mousing over something which doesn't matter during a channel anyway. Maybe you know a macro that would work for that? Maybe something like:

/cast [@mouseover] Surging Mist; Surging Mist

Would that do if?
Repley, you need to include a check to see if your mouseover exists for it to drop through. Here's my generic form for a mouseover heal:

/cast [@mouseover, exists, noharm, nodead][@target, exists, noharm, nodead][] Surging Mist

So the way the conditionals go, that does the following:

  • Do you have a mouseover target? If so, are they not harmful to you, and not dead?
  • If not, do you have a target? Are they not harmful to you and not dead?
  • If not, cast the spell normally (the empty brackets).

The check always goes in that order, so, if you've got a friendly target but want to cast on a different friendly target, the mouseover will override that and cast on your mouseover target instead. In theory, that should mean you can cast an instant Surging Mist on a target other than the one you are channeling Soothing Mist at (if you wanted).

Without having access to Surging Mists specifically yet, I'm not sure if the "insta-cast while channeling Soothing Mists" functionality of that particular spell will act weirdly with this macro, but it shouldn't.

For my Soothing Mists macro, I've also added a [@targettarget, exists, noharm, nodead] conditional as the third one, so I can cast the heal at the tank (usually, assuming a DPS hasn't stolen aggro) without loosing my enemy target that I'm Eminence healing from.

Hope that helps.
Thank you very much this is very helpful! I will try it when I get home and report back if I remember. Hopefully the @target won't cause any problems with the cast while channeling as that's almost the only time I use it. The mouseover portion is really a just in case since Soothing seems to trigger the GCD so I can't hit Surging immediately although thinking about it now, it's probably the same time anyway. I just like having my options. :)

Edit: That seems to have worked! Thanks for the help. I haven't tested it in a dungeon yet and may not be doing any tonight because I hate the dungeons at this level that I haven't already completed the quests for anyway.
No problem. I'll check back in and see how it works for you.
I'm going to experiment with different macros for abilities to see what I prefer, but I tend to think what I need to do is create @targettarget macros for Jab/TP/BoK (yet the macro needs to also allow me to use said melee ability if I *do* happen to have a hostile target selected). I used that type of macro throughout Cata for my Disc priest's HF/Smite. It's crucial for healing classes who use dps-to-heal mechanics to be able to use those abilities without de-selecting their healing target, imo.
The only problem that I have with the [@targettarget] macro is: What happens when your tank is targeting a mob that you can't reach? Or another friendly player for Vigilance, Intervene, etc.? For discipline priests, this isn't as much of an issue since they used ranged abilities. For monks, however, this could cause a bit of crucial downtime. You're trying to smack a mob in the face, but instead you're trying to use BoK on the second tank, or the mage that has pulled aggro. Even worse yet, if you're using a [help/harm] macro with [@targettarget], you could be wasting mana or, Light forbid, chi on healing a player who doesn't need it instead of your tank.

Also, I've noticed that while you are channeling soothing mists on a player, the instant cast Surging and Enveloping Mist casts will only target the player soothing mists is being channeled on, regardless of target.
The thing with the @targettarget macro is that you're actually targeting an enemy (say, a boss), so it targets off of that, not off the tank. Normally that will be the tank, but it's possible that it's a DPSer.

The idea I'm mucking around with is to always have an enemy targeted, while either using the @targettarget to heal the individual mostly like in need of healing without forcing a target change/mouseover action, or overriding with a mouseover. The @mouseover/@target are then used when I fall back to a traditional healing style, or if the target I absolutely need to heal isn't currently being targeted by the mob I'm Eminence healing off of. Also, if I fall back to a traditional healing role, I shift my target to the tank at that point.

You are correct about Surging Mist. I got it tonight, and it will not cast on anyone other than the current Soothing Mist target (if you are channeling Soothing Mist). The overrides work as expected if hard casting it, they just target the Soothing Mist target otherwise. As it turns out, that is actually stated in the tooltip; I just hadn't looked when I made my post.
For a bit of clarification on the @targettarget, I specifically override that with the @target conditional (I place it before the @targettarget one), which means if I'm specifically targeting my tank to heal him/her, it never "falls through" to the @targettarget. If I need to heal someone else beside the tank, I can mouseover to override the @target conditional.

That's behavior I only tend toward when falling back to the traditional healing styles though. It does appear to give me the flexibility of switching styles on the fly so far though.
09/27/2012 08:49 PMPosted by Solistina
The thing with the @targettarget macro is that you're actually targeting an enemy (say, a boss), so it targets off of that, not off the tank. Normally that will be the tank, but it's possible that it's a DPSer.

I'm confused; do you see this as a problem? If there are multiple targets in a fight, and if they are spread out, and I wanted my Eminence healing to stay "close" to the tank, then yes, I'd have the tank targetted for my Jab/TP/BoK. If I was meleeing a 2nd target, separated from the target the tank was targetting, then yes, I'd target a melee dps'er on the 2nd target or the hostile mob itself..

I changed all my macros around on my Disc priest for the pre-MoP patch changes, but I believe the wording was something similar to the following:

#showtooltip Holy Fire
/use [harm][@targettarget, harm] Holy Fire

... it was complicated by the fact that there was a shift modifier in there for Holy Fire; if I wasn't holding Shift, the macro would cast Flash Heal. I think this is what the macro would have looked like if I didn't have it also doing the Flash Heal thing.
Not a problem I suppose, so much as a preference. I prefer to choose my DPS target rather than have it dictated by a friendly target. This way, I'm more prone to watching what the mob is doing and reacting to that. It also means I don't suddenly have a viable target because the friendly changed targets to another friendly for a second (say, to put Vigilance up or something, if they're not using a macro for it).

In the same light, I do tend to prefer having my default healing target dictated by an enemy, since said target is the one most likely to be in need of healing. If that isn't the case at any given time, I just mouseover to heal a different target.

So, my preference, so far at least, is to have an enemy targeted to DPS/Eminence Heal and heal off their target or with mouseovers.

I used to atonement heal the same way you mention on my Disc priest pre-MoP; one of the things I ran into frequently on it was not getting a heal off because the tank's target would die too quickly for my cast times to finish. Granted, I only got her to 51, and that wasn't really a problem on a boss (which lived longer), but I always found I preferred to target an ancillary mob in the pack for my atonement healing. It died a lot less quickly, since I was essentially the only one damaging it, outside of AoE threat moves from the tank, and I didn't suddenly have a cast cancelled at the last second because the target died. Those aren't truly considerations for Eminence healing, but they did get me in the habit of preferring to make my own enemy targeting choice for DPS-healing.
Another thing that occurred to me regarding using macros to Jab/TP/BoK your tank's target (rather than the opposite targeting off of an enemy for heals) is Teachings of the Monastary's interaction with BoK, namely Serpent's Zeal.

If you've got a friendly player targeted, you aren't auto-attacking anything. So, you'd be losing the 50% of auto-attack damage as Eminence healing.
Thank you for bringing that up! I never considered the loss of auto-attack damage.
09/28/2012 10:16 AMPosted by Solistina
If you've got a friendly player targeted, you aren't auto-attacking anything. So, you'd be losing the 50% of auto-attack damage as Eminence healing.

This is actually a damn good point, and I think someone else brought it up somewhere but the implication didn't get through to me at that time. Not sure what thread that was in...

<tries to get her head around what she's going to need her macros to do>

<remembers she has to get Weak Auras happening too>

<head implodes>
Not to mention that once you get your Jade Statue, potentially, 100% of your melee damage is being transferred into healing!

Dungeons at my level are starting to get really fun to heal. I can't wait to get to level cap and see how everything works together in a raiding environment.

Nope, I believe Jade Statue only replicates your non-auto-attack damage (50%) and your Soothing Mists casts.

I'm with ya on the last bit though. I'm really loving the play style and toolkit so far. :>
I've been reading over this thread and giving my current macros a good thinking over. I currently use mouse-over macros for all healing abilities and keep an enemy target selected at all times for dps healing. I simply mouse-over thee raid frames to put up Renewing Mist, channel Soothing Mist, etc.

But I'm wondering is the following is possible with a macro, as I'm not real familiar with macro rules:

I hate clicking abilities and I hate clicking player frames. That said, I still have my Jab/TP/and BoK on my action bar unbound (meaning I'm just clicking the darn things) just because I'm out of keys to keybind things to that make any since to be a keybind!

What I want to know is, is it possible to macro say, my Jab into one of my already created mouseover heals so that it will use "Jab" instead of my heal if I don't have a player mouse-overed? I'm desperate to stop clicking these dps abilities.
If I'm understanding you correctly, Tinypaws, you could use a macro like the following:

/cast [@mouseover, exists, noharm, nodead][@target, exists, noharm, nodead] Soothing Mist; [@target, exists, harm, nodead] Jab; [] Soothing Mist

The way I set that up, the logic cascades like so:

  • If mouseover target exists, is not harmful and is not dead, cast Soothing Mist at mouseover target.
  • Else, if target exists, is not harmful and is not dead, cast Soothing Mist at target.
  • Else, if target exists, is harmful and is not dead, cast Jab at target.
  • If all other conditionals are false, cast Soothing Mist (empty brackets)

I just gave it a test run to make sure it worked as expected. If I don't have a target, I cast Soothing Mist at myself. If I target the Combat Dummies, I cast Jab. While targeting the Combat Dummies and mousing over myself, I cast Soothing Mist at myself. If I just target myself, I cast Soothing Mist at myself as well.

Unfortunately, there were no other friendly targets around for me to try out targeting friendlies other than myself, but I expect it to still work correctly.
Oh, and if you wanted to default to Jab with no target selected, just change the last Soothing Mist to Jab (the one after the empty brackets). Personally, it makes more sense to me to have the heal there, but, if you wanted the attack instead, it's easy enough to do that way.

In case there's a question, I put that @target, noharm conditional in there in those events where you drop back to a traditional healing style and opted to target, say, the tank if you wanted to heal just your target without keeping your mouse hovering over them.

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