Warlock LF progression raiding and PvP


I am looking for a balanced guild to join that has a good combination of active PvP and serious progression Raiding. I am versatile and can play any spec that is required for mad deepz. my expertise is not standing in fire. My favorite saying is "If it's red, it's dead."

In my previous guild I was selected as being the Legendary staff dude first due to my leet skills. I am a hard worker and willing to learn for the sake of progression.

We could use another lock on our 25 man roster.

Quick facts:

25 man raid on Mannoroth
Tues/wed 8:20 to 11:20 EST PM.
semi-casual but expected to bring A game
Most peeps are 30+ with a few young 20's and old farts in their 50's
RBG group being build end of Oct, first week of NoV.

Please peruse www.incurronoctis.org, if you are interested in joining our team sign up for the forums and leave an application.
How can someone over 30 years old be good at wow?

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