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So I decided to level up my moonkin hatchling to lvl 10 along with my zergling and lil kt. But around lvl 7 I realized that my moonkin hatchling (prof hootington) wouldn't appear for random battles leaving poor lichy and zergrush at a severe 2v3 disadvantage. Does this happen to anyone else or does my prof hootington just prefer a pacifistic lifestyle? I have tried restarting the game but nothing changed.
I've had this problem. Granted my moonkin hatchling is still lvl 1 and won't show up leaving my other two pets against the opponents 3. It's most likely a bug.
i have the same problem
I haven't had this problem, and my moonkin (Sir Boomkin) is lvl 7.
I agree, Moonkin shows up for field battles but does not show up for battle finder battles. If that made sense.
Same problem here. I also have a problem with the Cyclone spell sometimes freezing my screen and I have to reload my ui to fix it. Could be they're not letting it in to pvp battles till they get that ironed out maybe?
hmm I use the moonkin. mine is level 13 i think. I'll have to check and see if I have this issue.

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