[BUG] Shaman Unleash Fury

Bug Report
Unleash Fury appears to not proc when casting Unleash Life after zoning into an instance. Did several 5 mans today and Unleash Fury would work once then not proc anymore. Once I zones out it went back to working correctly.
In Mogu'shan I wasn't getting the Unleash Fury buff, same with all the random's I've done all week. Outside the instance I get the buff.
Did several heroics tonight and did not see the buff once within instance. Outside instance it worked fine
Givin an up to this, i can only get the buffed version while not zoned, but when i get into a dungeon, even the talent dissapears from my spellbook
if you use it on yourself it works fine, if you use it on an ally, it wont show you get the 50% buff but only the ally you used it on gets that buff(it may not show the buff) but he still gets the bonus heal,
VERY frustrating

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