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Pet Battles
In Pokémon, it was simple: there is an attack that would never bring a foe below 1 HP. Anyone know if there is something like that for WoW Pet battles? So far I am finding it annoying to not kill low level pets with my high level ones when trying to catch new ones I do not have yet.

EDIT: Out of the 87 pets I have, I do not see an ability like I am describing.
Ive actually been wondering this too, ive scoured tons of my pets and cant find a move like it. (probably doesnt exist)

On the other hand ive found predatory which seems vastly overpowered (instant kill if the pet is under 25%)

Terrible Turnip.

Terrible Turnip.

oh weakening blow. awesome! thanks for that :D
There is one, I have seen it. I cannot recall who had it, or what it was called. But it exist, and I will begin hunting the name.
Scizor was my false swipe pokemon for years :) would be useful to have here yeah. Especially when you need to get them under 30% to catch em and you might not always have a pet of the level you need to catch a pet you want.

Like if you want to catch a level 10 or so and all your pets are like 25+ or 1 then you need to go through all the zones over to level one up to 10 to catch the pet that might of been a rare that disappeared in the few hours it took to level a new pet through the zones.
get a pet with weakening blow and make sure it has high as possible speed with high hp and weak attack. that way you can get the pet to 1 hp and tank spam cages
lil taregosa has one to i believe
No, Lil' Taregosa doesn't.
I just get out my minfernal and buff the flaming armor move, the most I've ever had to do is fight the same pet twice as the first time they fainted.


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