Trail of the White Pawn quest

Bug Report
I am having trouble getting this quest. From what I understand, in order to get the quest, you you have to tun in a Alliance Cloak, which is made from 3 pieces of Alliance scrap. The Alliance Scrap is supposed to drop from the Slingtail Stickypaws Hozen in the Moonwater Retreat area in Jade Forest. After killing over 50 of these creatures, a single scrap has not dropped. Is this quest and item not in the final game? Or do I have to keep killing these Hozen until they drop?
Bump for answer
Same thing is happening to me. Can't find the banners at all.
Apparently the quest is bugged. I've kill over 100 Slingtail Stickypaw mobs and still not one Alliance Scrap has dropped.

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