I just made it through a 2k+ line after waiting 2 hours. WOOOOOOOOOOOO
Why would you log in? I thought you quit.
I rejoined the queue, because I decided to restart my computer >.>

1957 and 87 minute wait.

Might go watch a Movie >.>
I'm transferring as soon as I can get one and clear my mailbox.... fml.
09/28/2012 03:37 AMPosted by Deadsoil
I'm transferring as soon as I can get one and clear my mailbox.... fml.

09/28/2012 03:37 AMPosted by Deadsoil
'm transferring

Friend just paid the money and went to Caelestrasz.
I'm taking the free xfer to gundrak and then I might go back to frost once the queues die down.
I had a 2300 queue - it has been 4 hours and only now does it look like I am about to get in. It is crazy!
HAHAHAHAHAHA game froze and didnt D/C me now ive had to restart client, another 2k que, thank you blizzard :D
i heard once you're in the top 1k in que if you cancel it and retype in your password you get in instantly, need to fix that kinda op.
Today I was vacuuming my desk and I picked up my keyboard and accidentally pressed escape as i picked it up to get under it.
I was 250th in a queue that was 1300 long when I joined at 3:45pm.
I re entered my password and it went to the realm select screen and I clicked back on Frostmourne.
Position in queue; 1700
I facepalmed so incredibly hard, when I looked back and saw that my 250th place in the queue had kept since I was out of it for a total of about 8 seconds, much joy was had.

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