Armory enchanting bug

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The 3 bottom enchants on this list were on the PTR or ingame for a limited amount of time, and were REMOVED since their addition.

These enchants are:
(Item not found)
(Item not found)
(Item not found)

As someone who is an enchanting completionist, I am not happy when people whisper me in game and say 'You don't have every enchant, armory says you're missing 3!'

It's annoying to have to explain to these people how these enchants were never added to the game.

This bug has existed for over a year. They've never been fixed; and I'm sure other professions have the same problem.
I will make sure those items are marked as hidden. If anyone else has other examples of progression skills that aren't valid let me know.
Ty! ^-^
Looks like the expansion added another, the new Fire Spirit/Release spirit (From herbalism). It's in the same list, except for every crafting profession as far as I know. I know it's not a recipe, atleast. My alchemy has it also. - screenshot of what Bunnychaser described above me.

Gordok Ogre Suit
Robe of Winter Night
Green Woolen Robe <- Apparently was never available in the first place? Would be nice if it was put in.
Stormcloth Headband
Stormcloth Vest
Never fixed....

Sorry if I'm gravedigging, it's just kinda funny it has been 2 months and it has not been fixed.
Still not fixed, almost a year since blue post now. :3

Yeah, just was looking through my armory again and saw em again. :#

Sorry for gravedigging, again.

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