3 hours in, still not logged in.

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hmm seriously in need of some overflow servers, i should not have to wait 3 hours to log into the game even on a launch, why allow that many extra people onto one server?
ad some blah blah blah about how long it takes due to the bad enough latency and we have a great night of sitting watching the queue tick down tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick.

I'm almost at about 3 hours wait time. Currently 600 in Q.

Expecting about another hour wait.
Yep 4hr+ wait for Frostmourne.
thats what you get for having a life with a decent job...
Letting too many of them boat people in.
I'm at 900 from 3600... 3 and a half hours for me :L
yep now been waiting 5 hours for frostmourne will give up for tonight
most likely same to morrow night pity some of us have a real life and work then play wow
to unwind from work need Australia server
time to buy a book again
ive been in the que since like 7:30, this is just ridiculous
i'm at 700 now , down from 3500 , urayyyyyyyyyy !
I quite like my medium pop realm.
2000 in queue doesn't equal 30 min wait time, i'm sorry to say
God im glad im not on frostmourne
im in frostmourne 3hr wait get dc kust before i go in im was 150 in queue and then i relog in again in 3649 in queue. such a joke wasted so much time and then they want me to do it again... im thinking about a server change but the other oceanic servers are too quiet ... sigh
over an hour into queue still 1600th

Good job releasing it at the beginning of Australian school holidays, the few hours i get to play a day are spent in queue.

Owell :(
Yeah this is actually gay. I had to wake up early at about 9 AM to play for maybe one hour till I had to go study for a while, and when I come back to log on again there's a bloody 1800 queue. I waited for like 2 hours and managed to play like another hour, then went to gym, and now back to play some more and another ridiculous 2400th in the queue.

This is actually un-playable and the worst part is we're not even half way through the Australian school holidays and it seems to me a large number of people including me won't be able to play much of the game.

Blizzard really needs to do something about this.
why in the hell are some many people allowed to make toons on a server to make people wait 3hours. I mean really this is nuts. It is like over selling movie tickets at a movie theater and thinking those stuck out side that will miss the movie should not be pissed. :(
And Blizzard as always have not even so much as acknowledged dozens of 3 hour + wait time threads about Frostmourne.
from past experience......2600 queue takes 2 hours 40 minutes....I remember this from launch day.

Made the mistake of checking in on my alt on US-Illidan.

Stuck in queue again.

Note to self. Never change realm to check on another toon.

Im gonna go to bed soon, let the queue log me in, then DC me. Aleast I wont be locked out again.
Today, spent 2.4hours in Que, played for about 1.5hours.

Came back, have just logged off after 2.5 hours in a que, off to bed.

I am sure when I log in tomorrow I will have a great email from the account department offering their apologies and giving me a couple of free days on my account to make up for the complete con job they did on how great it will be to spend your evenings playing wow.

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