Zen Pilgrimage

Bug Report
I don't know if this is a bug or not but when a monk casts Zen Pilgrimage a 30 minute cooldown is placed and a monk is not able to get back to where he came from.
It says 30 min CD, but it's been working fine for me all night. I've been going back and forth to pad my XP with no issues.
I used the spell, and the cooldown was placed when I got to the peak. When I tried to use it again to get back where I was, it said that the spell was not ready yet. I never left the peak.
Happened to me when I used it from Nagrand.
Same happened to me, left from Northern Stranglethorn between Bambala and Hemet.
Ran into this today leaving from Loch Modan. Immediately went on CD when I arrived at the Peak.
Yep happened to me just now. Arrived at the peak, was missing the zen pilgrimage buff and had a 30min cooldown.

Another time i arrived at the peak then entered an instance from the peak. Exiting the instance I returned to the peak. I used the pilgrimage spell to go back to where i was questing but it 'ported' me to the peak again and on second use of the spell i was put into the peaks graveyard.
Still not fixed. Just happened to me. Come on blizz, the game's been out a week already.
This has happened to me 3 days in a row now and is very frustrating. I'm not getting the return option like I should when I travel to the peak, and i'm forced to burn my hearth.
As of yesterday when I used Zen Pilgrimage to do my daily quest, as soon as I landed in the Sanctuary I was on CD. My Monk is level 74, and today I ported in again, and again I noticed that it was on CD as soon as I landed. I checked around to see if this was a changed patch and the only thing I have read that is if you leave the area you will get the CD because it thinks you zone out. I had no issues with this until I hit level 70. I thought maybe yesterday was fluke, but apparently not.

Please help!
This has happened to me today, use Zen Pilgrimage to travel to the Peak of Serenity and there is a 30 minute CD on it..
The fact that Zen Pilgrimage: Return has disappeared from my spell book might have something to do with it... Please fix this. It sucks that i have to log out for 30 minutes or lose half my buff.

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