Nagrand Slam - stuck at 72/75

I've searched around, and installed most of the add-ons that help with quests - Loremaster, Everyquest, QuestCompletist, and Grail/Wholly - and they all list quests they say I have yet to complete. Problem is, when I go to check them (most of the ones LM lists tell me to go talk to Altruis right now), I don't see any exclamation point telling me there's an available quest. (Oh, and no, I don't run them all simultaneously - I've tried them one at a time. All of them seem to agree that I need to talk to Altruis, but I'm literally standing right in front of him. Clicking him just gives that little bit of text, and no quest offers.)

I know it's something I'm doing wrong, but I'm damned if I can figure out what that is. Can one of you people who have been playing for longer than I have (this December will make a year) take a look at the quest list I've done and tell me what I'm missing? I've been flying all over Nagrand trying to find a quest I can do - I want that achievement! *laugh*

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
Is it possible that this quest no longer exists due to new material installed?
I was having the issue even before they released 5.0 in preparation for today.

I can see from looking around that the issue is a common one, but I thought I'd followed the suggestions I'd seen in the other threads. *shrug*

I'm trying for Loremaster, and that's a little difficult when I can't fulfill one of the requirements. *laugh*
IIRC, there's a random questline for Nagrand (and Altrius specifically) that starts in SMV.

Have you done this one?
IIRC, there's a random questline for Nagrand (and Altrius specifically) that starts in SMV.

Have you done this one?

I was stuck at 72/75 like you and this quest like is what bumped me over, it's most likely what you're missing as well!
Aha! That one does not sound familiar, so I'm betting I didn't do that one. Thank you - I'll let you know whether or not that was it.
That was likely it - I had never visited that section, except overhead to get the exploration credit.

As I said in my first post - it was my fault. *grin*

Thanks for the answers, folks.
Glad you figured it out. :)

To be fair, it's not entirely your fault. When Blizz redid all of the quests, they very specifically removed the back and forth between zones requirements for these achievements (except for the odd lead into the zone quest) but completely skipped updating Outland. So there are a fair number of quests that you still find in random out of the way places that don't make sense at all from the linear questing perspective that they created and set in place as the norm.
True, Amaranthas.

As an update, that was exactly what I needed. Starting the one that was suggested above allowed me to finish out Nagrand Slam, and now I've got Loremaster of Outland under my belt. On to Northrend, and then I'll get started on the new continent, since it should take me long enough to get Northrend out of the way that I'll be able to not have everyone else underfoot as I try to level up to 90.
I have the same exact issue. Only, I'm hostile with Scryers so I can't pick the quest up! :( F#$%^&#$^#$%.
There is an Aldor equivalent, I'm pretty sure. Yes, should be the one you need.

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