Horde Dragon Turtle vendor

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Hey Blizzard. You forgot to give the horde a dragon turtle vendor. Might be a good idea before there's a riot. Thanks.
I can buy it on my other server (thrall) but not on Blackrock.. whats up with that?
No Vendor on Arthas- Horde side :(
No vendors Alliance on Darkspear
no vendor on area 52 horde side
No vendor on MoonGuard Horde
None Kil-jaden Horde, Thank you :)
She was up last night when I hit level 20, noticed she was missing early this morning.

Server Kul Tiras, US PvE. Horde side.
No vendor on Burning Legion Horde
Kil-Jaeden Alliance is also missing theirs.
No vendor, Thunderlord Horde.
No vendor in Khaz'goroth on the Horde side.
No Vendor US-Shadowmoon (Horde)
Same here for Wyrmrest Accord, US.

No mount vendor for dragon turtles, how lame.
Missing Alliance side on Korgath, snagged the level 20 ones yesterday. But vendor is missing this morning.
No alliance vendor on Draka
Missing the vendor Horde Side Barthilas.
Missing vendor Wyrmrest Accord - Alliance side.
No vendor on Horde Rexxar US
Magtheridon, Alliance side. We had a dragon mount vendor yesterday, after rolling restarts this morning he has gone missing. :(

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