Horde Dragon Turtle vendor

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Thank you Blizz! You work a lot faster than ArenaNet.

Now if I wasn't stuck on "Connecting...." x.x;

And for those saying you're 'walking everywhere'...unless you're a brand new player, you do have mounts that will work. Mounts are account bound.
Be nice to finally quit walking everywhere..... but can't even log into the game at this point.
Yay! Got in!
Same on Duskwood
No vendors Alliance Stormwind or Horde Orgrimmar Terenas US
Horde vendor on Muradin but she only sells the tabard...
09/27/2012 07:24 PMPosted by Nekris
Horde vendor on Muradin but she only sells the tabard...

I think you need to be exalted or Revered or such before they offer the mounts.
Still no Turtlemaster Odai (Turtle Mount Vendor) in Valley of Honor in Org on Area 52 as of today....as Blizz stated they'd be returning after the server restarts this week.
The SW vendor on Stormrage pulls a Houdini every now and them: sometimes he's there, sometimes he's not.
Where the hell is the fix? I am level 20 and i cant stand walking around anymore.ffs fix it pls.
No vendor on Bleeding Hallow either. I'm sort of annoyed -.-
horde-jubiethos there isnt any at all i see people with the turtles and tabards but no vendor in org!
Black Dragonflight Alliance also missing in Stormwind
Hi All,

A quick FYI for those who didn't know this, but you can use any riding trainer to train the riding skill, Pandaren or not. For example, on Alliance, you can train with the trainer at Eastvale Logging Camp.

Hope this helps!
As is Horde side vendor on Ravencrest
Bump, Blade's edge is also missing the dragon turtle vendor
Draka, Horde D:

No problems on Draka, horde :S
can't find one in Orgrimmar in the valley of honor.... WTF?
is there one on blackhand idk and how do you get the turtle dragon mount?

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