Congrats to server first 90 SelenaGomez

Now Hub, I figured you'd give me a shoutout or something.

Congrats to my 'students' on their speedy levels. They were so tense on skype during the levelling process.
no quests no mop achivments but someone lvl 90 without replacing a single piece of gear



you're a !@#$ing retard


like 20 tops.

Still hasn't been a Hunter.

I believe I am #3, Tonyromo being #2, and some ally guy being #1.

Thanks for leaving me out :( I was somewhere between here
Don't be so mad at Selena....Be mad at yourself for sucking.
09/25/2012 02:38 PMPosted by Huehehuehueh
must be hard exploiting a quest to hit 90 before people

I lol at all the jelly scrubs, you make forums fun.

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