Who do we still have to kill?

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I know a couple of lore characters that are still alive and need to be killed , But essentially who else is there Other than Wrapping up the Emerald Dream and Burning Legion, and maybe an old god?

I know of characters like Sargeras an N'zoth, but can you think of other major lore characters that still need to die?
Well I'm gonna go crazy at some point.
Pretty sure there are still a few trolls out there.
High Elves.
We still need to kill Sylvanas, Azshara, N'Zoth, Kil'jaeden, Sargeras... and these guys.
Sylvanas will get the ax in probably an expansion or two considering they would have to build up a character to replace her, Azshara, any of the Old Gods since non of the ones we have faced are truly dead, Sargeras is obvious, Kil'Jaeden, and there are others that I just can't think of.
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Naaa I honestly think they would rather redeem Sylvanas or keep her how she is rather than deal with the consequences of killing her.
Let's be bold. Let's kill the Titans. Make Sargeras watch and then kill him next. Hilarity ensues.
The final rade of Warcraft is going to consist of raid mobs named after the players who got every server first kill for every raid or instance boss.

I will of course be the final foe.
Who knows? I wouldn't be necessarily surprised if we were forced to fight all of the Titans off. They're not neccesarily bad guys, but they're on the side of order. I doubt we sit too well with them, and they may just decide that Azeroth is a lost cause as it is, and that they may want to re-originate it.

The how though is what gets me; Titans are -incredibly- powerful beings. Maybe there is a group of rogue Titans that side with us, believing in our right to exist? /shrug.

We definitely have Sargeras left, though. Him, Azshara, and a few others. We're also likely going to go up against another old god, and maybe manage to put it down.

Maybe that's how we'd catch the attention of the Titans. We somehow manage to destroy an old god, and the remnants cause something terrible to happen, similar to the Sha. It somehow grabs the attention of the Titans, and they return to see what has happened.
somewhat unrelated but its about the titans and I've been meaning to ask but didn't think it was worth its own thread...

does anyone recall if the hologram in Tanaris used to mention that Azeroth was "scheduled for revisitation."

I'm 99% sure it did but when I went through getting loremaster on my alliance character there was no such line

of course it also said the key to uldum was in ulduar so it could all be wrong now regardless
Salutations. I am a guardian of entry. Unless you have the Plates of Uldum already integrated with your disk set, I will not allow for entry into the Uldum compound.

What function do you serve?

My purpose is to regulate access to the Uldum complex for the Creators. I allow entry into the compound only when the solicitor exhibits for access the proper sequencing discs.
Your disc set currently does not contain the Plates of Uldum, the primary prerequisite for entry. Access is not granted unless the Plates of Uldum are present.

What are the Plates of Uldum?

The Plates of Uldum are discs synthesized by the Creators that allow access into the Uldum compound. These discs house and store specific data related to the Creators' activities here.
Physically, they are nearly identical in circumference to the disc set you currently possess. Their markings, however, are directly related to information on Uldum as opposed to the Uldaman complex.

Where are the Plates of Uldum?

Several sets of the Plates of Uldum have been synthesized by the Creators for their expressed use. The Creators control the distribution of said discs for all complexes on this world. As such, Azeroth has been rescheduled for visitation, and therefore future discs may enter circulation at that time.
Existing discs have been fully distributed to those parties with appropriate security clearance.

Excuse me? We've been "rescheduled for visitation"? What does that mean?!

The Creators use visitation as a means to reestablish control over seeded worlds when forces, both external and internal, upset the matrix dynamics associated with it. Such tactics are not to be taken lightly when executed by the Creators.
For additional information on this world's scheduled visitation, please consult the appropriate data repository that fields all Creator-relatee scheduling considerations.

So... what's inside Uldum?

Uldum is a research facility for the Creators in their continuing efforts to enhance the biosphere of Azeroth. Specific information regarding their work as it relates to Uldum is restricted to those individuals who possess the Plates of Uldum in their disc sets.
Data repositories inside the Uldum complex have been programmed to address specific experiments and data compliations: please refer to them for detailed information.

I will return when I have the Plates of Uldum.
well thanks, now I feel stupid and/or crazy for thinking it changed. I thought I even checked wowwiki/pedia.
Each other. As long as there's two sentient beings left on the planet some one is going to want something dead.
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But essentially who else is there Other than Wrapping up the Emerald Dream

Emerald Dream was wrapped up in a book. Read Stormrage.

As for bosses, I bet Elune has some shiny loot we can kill her for.
Emerald Dream was wrapped up in a book. Read Stormrage.

its still a possible plot point. the crazy aggressive flora and fauna in the barrens is do to the nightmare.

i think at the launch someone asked when we were going to the emerald dream and metzen gave a nondescript "at some point"
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But essentially who else is there Other than Wrapping up the Emerald Dream

Emerald Dream was wrapped up in a book. Read Stormrage.

As for bosses, I bet Elune has some shiny loot we can kill her for.

Next, the Alliance goes all-in and attacks the Earthmother.

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