Realm Firsts - MoP Edition

Anyone know who got em?

Realm First 90 -
Death Knight -
Druid - Songocute
Hunter -
Mage -
Monk -
Paladin -
Priest -
Rogue - Precise
Warrior - Zelse
Warlock - Elcon

Professions -

(might update later)
90 - Songocute
Death Knight - Tipps
Hunter - Kunazai
Mage - Adavis
Monk - Seng
Paladin - Kadowe
Priest - Synariel
Shaman - Me

No idea about professions.
Good lord, some people really need to get a life.
Cliché post of the day, well done.
Props to Zelse, Adavis, and Synariel. Still have your name up in the WoW limelight!
Congrats to Zelse on his first, and last, ever server first of the expansion!!!

Time to hit the side lines for 4 months and get them nerfs going
Didn't you try and exploit server first by the crab spawn?

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