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anyone actually get one of these? I been killing infernals left and right in felwood and cant find any.
The only time I saw a minfernal pet in Felwood (on beta) was one that was stuck in a tree and un-battle-able.
Funny enough I ran across one a few weeks ago while leveling through Felwood. Haven't been able to find one now though. :(
i saw one yesterday. rather late at night .... it was tough vs lvl 7 pets...... it was 14...

Terrorblaze will be caught again! ...as soon as i get to level 14....
Its been suggested by beta reports that the spawn interval is 10 hours.

As it is a popular pet, heavily farmed, and fellwood is a CRZ expect a very difficult time getting it.

If the spawn length on this pet and a few other pets is as long as some ppl say expect another round of hate towards CRZ once people realize they arent going to be getting these pets anytime soon and will be competing with many other players in multiple realms for an item of very low quantity.
Managed to snag it tonight along with a silithid hatchling. Spawned inside of a tree, but I was able to battle with a /tar and interact macro. I was hoping to catch two; one for myself and another for a friend that plays a 'lock. Now that I know how rare these things are...

I almost killed it too, earning an achivement.
Wait for maintence to end next time with your toon parked outside and as soon as the servers come up log in asap and snag one.
i can vouch for it not having a 10 hour CD spawn. camped it for 10 hours after the initial spawn and it didn't come up again. Must be a different spawn pattern
Found one just earlier first one lvl 14 rare, they seem to go by a 30 minute or more spawn timer and come out in packs...
got pretty lucky just now :) I had a common, was doing some archaeology in the area so i came to see if any spawned, found one and it was rare. woot!
09/26/2012 01:06 PMPosted by Desidarius
anyone actually get one of these? I been killing infernals left and right in felwood and cant find any.

Killing anything other than nearby battle pets does nothing for respawns.

Although, that mostly spawns infected rats with a very low chance of a minfernal.

And yes, they do exist - I have a few including a rare.
got lucky and ran across one for the first time since launch. I am never able to get on during server restarts unfortunately. Just check periodically on alts and GL
I camp this thing for hours at a time, running around battling pets.. I hate the ones who just hover around, you know they swoop in after you do all the work trying to get it to spawn. :(
On my server, I'm in Amanth'rul, Minfernals no longer spawn on server restarts.

People do not seem to be finding them at any other time either, despite camping for days and killing everything in the area.
Oh my, the necros recently.
Oh my, the necros recently.

LOL guilty!
I got my few months ago on Argent Dawn sever. I was the only one around felwood and there he was I am glad I have it
I have two, first was a P/S which I leveled to 25 and made rare. I got that one from just parking a toon out in felwood and checking every now and again. Second was a P/P which I just got but plan on leveling and making rare (I didn't know about breeds when I captured the first one, not that it would have stopped me).

For the second had it not been a P/P I'd have just left it up. I still haven't played around with him, he's a common so I may just wait until I get a rare stone.
LOL I got a minfernal AS i was reading this post. Made my year.

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