WTB ['Darkmoon Card' of Serpents]

Wyrmrest Accord
Hello Wyrmrest Accord,

I am looking to purchase all available Darkmoon Cards of the Serpent. I am currently in need of the following:

Eight of Serpents - 15,000G
Six of Serpents - 15,000G
Five of Serpents - 15,000G
Four of Serpents - 15,000G
Three of Serpents - 15,000G

If you are Alliance-side I am more then willing to negotiate a trade through the neutral auction house, with a percentage increase to take into account the trade cut.

I can be contacted via response to this thread or ingame. Alternatively, if I am not online, please add my battletag: Nephrenka #1244 (nospaces), and we can work out the trade then. If you desire I will also do CoD payment.



Still actively looking for Eight through Two.
Your Serpents 2-8 want me!
I have a three of serpents for you, if you are still looking.
He hasn't posted here, but he now has all of the cards. Just a heads up.

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