Toads and the Woman who love them.

Pet Battles
Hey, I'm really loving the pet battle system. It's great fun, and I can say I am addicted to it at this point. However I'm kind of worried about Toads(and other froggy friends) and their ability to Frog Kiss ability(I believe that is the one).

It goes off a lot, and it's really frustrating to see your team get taken out by a single frog as they have no chance to fight back at all. I'd really like to see either the damage on it toned down, or to see the chance for the polymorph effect to place reduced a bit.

I know it seems really weird to be calling for a nerf to frogs, but man is that annoying.
Only thing I've felt needed a nerfing was the spider heals, healing for 200+ twice WHILE dealing damage, then just reapplying web and you can do it again. Mass heals with a 1-round cooldown, and even then it's after you use it twice. As for frog kissing, I find that it rarely hits me, I think you're just getting very unlucky.
It's very possible that is the case. Spider's haven't been too much of a problem for me so far. That will change soon enough I bet heh.
Nercing this thread. Frog Kiss is rather broken. You have a chance to either just RNG win or you just lose. I don't see why this ability doesn't have a CD because there is a chance you just can't fight against it. I know that Fury of 1000 Fist with the same mechanic has a 3 round Cooldown making it pretty balanced. I wouldn't say Frog Kiss is OP, just very frustrating to play against. I shouldn't lose a match because I get stunned 3 times in 5 turns with a 25% chance.

Also, I agree with Never Leach Life needs at least 1 turn more on its CD. You shouldn't be able to just Web, Leach, Web, Leach, etc. Too much healing to deal with while keeping your current pet under wraps.

TL;DR: Frog Kiss Frustrating, Leach Life too much healing potential on a short CD.

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