(H) Ret paladin looking for 10/25m guild

Happy to fill a temporary or permanent spot quite well geared already and will be full 463 before raids release if not better.

Unfortunately im not familiar with horde guilds so i can't app individually but im happy to write an application if you think your guild is interested

contact me via pm/respond/ buffjob#1199 battletag.


worlds highest sha of anger dps
hey mate :-)!
We could use another ret pally on the roster (ours broke his hand and will not be raiding until xmas, you will not be replaced when he comes back)

If your willing to transfer:

Quick facts:

25 man raid on Mannoroth
Tues/wed 8:20 to 11:20 EST PM.
semi-casual but expected to bring A game
Most peeps are 30+ with a few young 20's and old farts in their 50's
Raiding Starts Oct 9
RBG group being build end of Oct, first week of NoV.

Please peruse www.incurronoctis.org, if you are interested in joining our team sign up for the forums and leave an application.
fk you're amazing
need guild for next week
hi Kalan why do you post on that toon
Hows the Glad push going this season Rayelle?
Looking for a decent progression focused guild, very geared
Bump. 469 ilvl pve.
i heard no dice needs a dps right ham
My awesome helm graphic and I endorse this Retribution Paladin

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