Cleansing spirit not showing in spell book?

Hi. I just turned level 19 (says I'm 12 on here) and in the chat window it said I have now learned, cleansing spirit and purify spirit. The problem is, I can find purify spirit but cleansing spirit is completely missing from my spell book?! My BF has a level 85 shaman and his shows up, but mine is no where to be found. I've looked through all my abilities and spell tabs and can not find it. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!
Cleanse Spirit is the baseline spell.
When in Resto spec, it is replaced by the upgraded version, Purify Spirit.

Once you are able to dual spec, when you swap specs you will get a quick chat spam of all the spec-specific spells you "unlearn" and "learn". If you look through that, you "unlearn" Purify Spirit when you swap away from Resto.
I see that you already got a good response, but I wanted to add that there's a pretty easy to navigate site with general information of abilities at It has all kinds of information and comments on abilities there, and you can just type in the name of whatever you're looking for.

Just be careful when reading the comments because the game has changed over the years. Make sure that the comments you are reading are up to date.

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