<Crisp> 7 Server first 90's

Grats to our 7 server firsts:

Teq (Mage)
Massakisst (Warrior)
Azamath (Rogue)
Eyecare (Shaman)
Velene (Druid)
Sekundes (Death Knight)
Octorlius (Priest)

Horray for Crisp!
So, after 2 Monsters, 2 Bagels, 2 PBJs, 2 Bottles of Water, a 2 Liter of Mtn Dew Blue, about 17 1/2 hours of facemelting, and the stiffest neck I have ever had in my life........ REALM FIRST LEVEL 90 PRIEST. HELL YES! Was actually easier than I anticipated.
Grats!!! I thoroughly enjoyed /emoting every single one of you. <3
Grats guys!!
Killing it

I'm almost there .. bringing up the rear ... 3 bars into 89.

Do I get realm achievement for being priest #150? :/
Realm first Warlock reporting in :P I'm glad to capture 1 of the few realm firsts horde got.
Grats to all of you!
R....Realm first skinner and leatherworker...? :'D

You cray cray, Crisp. Cray cray.

Who was the realm first hunter?
Ex the above, I see it was Kolld! Grats you sexy orc!

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