Maws and Sha of Despair

Does anybody have tips on these guys? Particularly the Sha of Despair. I've never fought such a difficult solo quest boss ever. I don't know if calling In the House of the Red Crane a solo quest is even appropriate. All it does to me is kill me. None of its attacks are dodgeable, and it has adds.
I ranged attacked it from the stairs, ever time he did the spin attack it didnt reach me.
As previous post because you are range attack it from the Stairs and you should have no issues at all. If the maws are getting a too much just aoe them down and use your knockback on them.

For melee this is little harder you need to basically run out when he uses the spinning attack. Take this time to AOE the maws as much as possible to get them low. Once the spinning attack is over go back in and use cleave and aoe to kill of the maws while concentrating you direct dps on Sha. Another thing healing potions and even a health stones are great here if you are having issues keeping yourself alive.
This quest really sucks. I tried to do as feral and got whacked pretty quick. I then tried as balance and going back to stairs and attack at range and I still got taken down quickly. If you go too far back, he just resets.

I ended up having to sit there and wait for someone to come along that needed it too. I can't imagine trying to do this on some of my alts when there are fewer people around to help out. I hope they nerf it a little bit.
Weird. I just soloed him and outside a WoG or two at myself, didn't notice him to be particularly difficult. Maybe he didn't use some mechanic on me that he did everyone else?
10/04/2012 10:23 AMPosted by Roahin
Weird. I just soloed him and outside a WoG or two at myself, didn't notice him to be particularly difficult. Maybe he didn't use some mechanic on me that he did everyone else?

Seriously on this quest right now as my Rogue and it is nearly impossible to do. I blow all my CD's and get him down to MAYBE 40-50% and I am dead. I have tried running to the stairs but it doesn't help at all. It seems like Anduin is supposed to "Heal you" or something but it's broken, his heals are way way too weak and inconsistent.

Edit: I finally beat him after about 8 tries. For people like me who were frustrated with this quest here is how you do it as a rogue

Put Vendetta on him
Build up Five Combo Points
Rupture (Keep this DoT up as much as you can during the fight)
Unload as much DPS as you can (you'll have about 2-3 seconds here to do that)
Sprint to the stairs when he does his AOE attack and summons, and watch as your rupture ticks down at his health
He will come charging and attacking you at this point. You will only have a few seconds before he possibly whirlwinds and kills you. If you get lucky he wont do this at all (anduin might heal you a bit but for the most part it's broken, you'll die probably 80% of the time here) and it really is out of your control (even with sprint chances are you wont get away and will just end up pulling the adds)

If you are lucky and you manage to survive and get away from his whirlwind you will need to make sure to head to the stairs while he does his ice AOE attack again and summons more adds. Just stand there until he comes to attack you again. Make sure you have rupture up (you want to keep this up as much as possible during the fight) and blow evasion when you get below 50% health. Eventually as you repeat this process your rupture will eat at his health and kill him while you are just chilling on the stairs and he is doing his AOE attack. When he gets to about 15-20% health you can rush in and kill him as long as you have 50+% health left because if he does randomly whirlwind you will die.

I never worried about the adds either, you wont aggro them as they spawn unless you are close. Good luck, it is possible to do but just be prepared to die a few times (probably more) to complete it.
I aoe'd the snot out of him.Called in my extra pet;spammed him with cobra shot and serpent sting...all from the stairs..and after 8 tries I got the sucker!!
I soloed him as combat when I was 86 and didn't have much trouble with him. I remember casting both evasion and cloak of shadows when he began to spin and finished him off with a killing spree, then shadow blades + adrenaline rush combo without worrying about the adds.
I got him! First try, too!
And I owe it all to you guys. Staying on the stairs made it almost easy. I did everything I could to get my spellpower up, put up my frostbubble, and left the adds to Anduin. Then I hit him with spellsteal, slow, frostfire, and poured on the arcane blasts until I was almost dead, but he fell first.
I called in a guildie after 2 deaths. Phone a friend!
im still having problems with this guy: if I attack from the stairs, he follows me, if I go too far, he resets

im going to try some other tactics, but the point is, going up the stairs does not help

had absolutely no problem doing this with my pally
actually, I think the whole encounter is glitched; I died 4 times to it, and now im seeing the quest is completed, weird
It is tough, yes. You need to find the sweet spot on the stairs, just out of reach of his deadly spin attack, but not so far that he resets.

Another possible help-- look on the AH for something called "Lifegiving spirit." We Herbalists pick it along with green tea leaves. Keep a few of these on your bar and crack one open for 60000 health when you get into a jam, and they'll see you through some hard times.
There's also "Water spirit" as well, and these restore mana in the same way. Not so useful in PvE, but I'd imagine the PvPer's would love 'em.
i think they ninja fix'd it... now he follows you up the stairs.
i cannot come close to getting this d-bag down.....gonna have to call in reinforcements tonight.....grrrr
When he blows his breath, run thru him! helped me alot, that was what was knocking most of my health
It took me 8 tries to get this guy down solo as a priest at lvl 87. 8 tries seems to be the normal learning curve.

I found that I had to respec and glyph like I was going PvP so I could control the adds. I do not know what the method for other classes is, but for priest VT and glyph fear. Fear keeps the adds in 1 place so they come back to you as a pack. This lets you move as needed to avoid the mechanics and then VT the whole group because they come at you all at once.

Simply put; Fear adds - avoid boss and damage- VT adds - avoid boss and damage - Fear adds - avoid boss and damage....

Boy genius does nothing as far as I can tell.
The wonderkid does nothing as far as I can tell, unless you kill an add, which grants you about 10k health. Not great, when deadly spin seems to hit for about 25k per tick. If I happen to be caught in it, before I'm even out of range, I'm down at least 125k to 150k.

So, range attack from the stairs aren't much help for us rogues - the gun or dagger just wont kill this guy quickly. Yep, standing on the stairs does ensure that the adds don't aggro, but the boss does follow me up - quite far up the stairs.

I get in, do a few jabs, then time to high tail it out of there, and if I'm lucky I'll get to the stairs and only lose maybe 25k to 50k.. But yes, at that point, he has a good chance of resetting. And even if he doesn't reset, by the time I get back to him to do some damage, the adds are all around, and he's just about ready to do the deadly spin..

If I'm lucky, I get two rounds of dps before I'm toast.

What's the catch, Blizz?
!@#$ it

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