Maws and Sha of Despair

Just did this as an 87 combat rogue. Deadly and leeching poisons, Revealing strike up first then sinister strike dump 5cpt into a rupture, cloak first Aoe put up blade flurry (for adds) killing spree (adds dying restores your health) into Adrenaline rush shadow Blades next finisher went into 5 cpt recuperate. Used Feint (50% reduction of Aoe damage for 5 seconds) every other attack during 2nd Aoe he died before 2nd wave of adds spawned I never went below 75% health...
My Ret Pally didn't have much troube with him as I had my self heals to keep me going.

My Feral druid had a slightly harder time. I went kitty on him until he got me down to about 50% health and then I went Bear and between AoE attacks on him and his summons I was using Frenzied Regeneration to keep my health up.

If you don't have heals to help you out then maybe get someone to help.

And don't forget to visit the top floor to get the lore object.
This is near-impossible to solo as an arcane mage. The stairs are no longer a safe-zone (he follows you up to the first landing, then disengages & heals back to full if you hit the second stair-case). Blizzard might want to re-label this a conditional Group Quest. It's a miserable, frustrating, and thoroughly un-enjoyable experience. Fits the lore of the Sha, but it prompted me to just log off and forget about WoW for a few days. :P
You can interrupt his Whirl of Despair or w/e the AoE attack is called if that helps anyone stuck on it.
When I tried it on my main, there were a lot of ppl around doing it and it was easy. Now that I try it on my rogue it's impossible. Running up the stairs did not help from gloom whirl. I did manage to use cloak of shadows and evasion but then what? Might have gotten him to 90% after Killing Spree. Had to run away. Killed adds which didn't help much. It would be nice if Prince Wuss threw out a heal now and then, being that he is a "priest." I saw my Recuperate and Leeching Poison did way more healing than he did; he healed me a total of 3 times for 15k each (total in eight tries). The thing is, I don't even know whether anyone can help me on it because it's probably phased. So abandoning and will not do this quest chain again.
As an elemental shaman, I solo'd him no problem. Drop earth elemental to tank, healed him once, fire totem, and it was pretty easy.

However on my rogue (subtlety), I'm at 7 attempts so far, with none below 40%. If you have any roguish tips, I'd love to hear them.
is he hard pre 90 or its at 90 you guys are having trouble? because I did pandaria lore master quite easily pre patch at 90, dont remember having trouble with any quests.
I'm hanging it up for now. I have tried it 7 times and never came close to killing him. I'm only level 86 with 150k HP. My rouge not doing so well here. I had no problems at all with the sha's on the pagoda's. I'm at no health before i even see the add's, and cant get away from him.
Finally got it after 6 deaths as Arcane Mage... because I found that sweet spot on the stairs. Yes he follows you up for his smaller attacks but his AoE that does the serious damage doesn't reach you. I was about right ahead of the middle of the first rise, then just spammed arcane blast and arcane barrage. Didn't use any healing or have to bother with the adds.
Just finished this as an 87 Frost Mage. The trick for me was to send my elemental to the other side of the room before you open up on the boss. Let your elemental attack and draw aggro. He'll pick up some of the spawns too. Use time warp and spam frost bolt him from the stairs. Stay far enough up on the stairs to avoid his whirling attack and you should be fine. I died two times before I figured it out. I finished him on the third try with over 75% of my health.

This is a decent quest line IMO because you have to think a little bit and use the unique abilities of your class to survive each of the three fights. It's SO much better than the standard "Go into the woods and kill 50 bunnies" quests that I find myself grinding through most of the time. Blizz should make many more like this...
The advice to fight the Maw on the stairs worked well for me. Only one of the adds came down the stairs and was easily killed. Managed to take the Maw down. Thanks for the advice.
None of these suggestions works. He follows me up the stairs and AOEs me there (or wherever else I am). If I go too far up the stairs, combat ends and he returns to full health. If I try to head to the edge of the room he follows me there and AOEs me. Each AOE hit is for a quarter of my health, so it takes only a couple of seconds to die.

Doesn't pass the 20-WTF-per-minute test. Obviously not play-tested. Bad quest, horrible quest. Fail.
Idk about the rest of you but this took AT LEAST 5 tries. But at least for death knights i have discovered a very easy solution. the first four tries, i would die from that really annoying breath spell or whatever (24k, 24k, 24k, dead. every single time) but all you need to do is use a spell like Asphyxiate to stop it! that simple. This wouldn't work for casters obviously unless it was an instant cast but using this method i didn't even bother with the adds! hope this helps!
7th times the charm. Finally found that sweet spot on the stairs. If your range staying on the stair really does help. When he gets close give him everything you got eventually he will leave to back to the center call for more echo.
Worked for me too
Thank you for the tips. Here is what worked for me: stay under/behind him.
I don't even make it there! I'm still on the Maw's, which are also totally impossible. My stats are extremely low and no matter how many things I try to get to fix it my spellpower just won't go up, so the only heal that makes any difference is healing touch, but half the time my health goes down more than it heals for in the time it takes to cast it, so I tried killing the adds for healing, but even without going far at all the guy reset! I highly disagree with the whole "solo" thing here. I mean, had it not been I would have tried myself anyway, but I at least want it to tell me when I should expect to die! I had an easier time doing a 5 person boss on my own!

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