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So I did every quest possible in Jade Forest and Im left with 20800/21000 revered rep with Forest Hozen while others with guild rep bonus have made it to exalted. Why do you punish those with low lvl guilds? this doesnt seem right, and I know of no other way to get the rep.
Are you sure you did every quest?
positive, even the optional ones
Guild XP was buffed big time. Also, it only takes 3 people to run dungeon challenges for several million guild XP apiece. Levelling your guild shouldn't be very difficult nowadays.
09/27/2012 02:09 PMPosted by Aggressor
positive, even the optional ones

Did you kill Captain Jack? There's no quest to do so, but he drops a quest starting item.
I can empathize. I have done every quest, including Captain Jack, and I am at 20817/21000. I have the questhubber add-on so I know I've gotten everything.
Yup killed captain jack
I have the same exact thing i completed the entire storyline for the jade forest and i am 20800/21000 from being exhalted and i cant find any way to lvl it up
So has anyone gotten exalted with the Forest hozen yet?
yep, i'm exalted with them :)
My husband is exalted. Dungeon run, I guess.
Yeah...same thing here..just because i made a guild with friends and dont have all buffs i cant have exalted!

Fix it, or just put a daily to get sense...
That does seem like an oversight. Turn in a bug report, perhaps? If they say all is well, you'll know it's something you've missed.

I hit Exalted with a quest or two left to go (I have a big guild though) and just now is the first time I've heard of 'Captain Jack'.
Managed to hit exalted with them pretty quickly. But lvl 25 guild. Dailys maybe?

Do they have a tabard? Use that and dungeon maybe?

dungeon rep tabards don't exist for MoP factions at all as far as I know.
Blizz can you pls at least add one Hozen Daily? Or a one time quest that rewards 1200 rep this crap isn't very fair, only giving exalted to those with the right guild perks. I was under the impression that guild perks were nice to have but not something we need.
Same boat. 20800/21000 here... so annoying :/
Strange, I have a lvl 25 guild and I'm sitting at 20450/21000.

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