[A} LF late night raid guild

I'm looking for a guild that's going to raid after 10PM EST. I'd prefer something casual-ish, normal modes are fine but I'm down for trying heroics as long as it's not the kind of guild that gets all stressed out about having fun in a video game when one person makes a mistake and wipes a raid. Been there, done that, never again.

I'd really just prefer a guild that's mostly casual that's going to raid maybe two/three times a week, sometime around 10EST and has room for a guy who is good at the game but maybe isn't interested in trying to be world first to something meaningless. It's fun, but not when it's as serious as a job, you know?

Haven't started leveling yet, so I'm open to using this Druid and I also have a Hunter. I've got experience with DPS, tanking and healing so I'm pretty much up for whatever.

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