Söulbound recruiting


lvl 19 guild and moving pretty fast to 25 is a newly reformed guild that dates back to early Wotlk.
We decided to regroup on a new home : Hyjal.

Even though we were a casual raiding guild back in WOTLK and CATA
we still strived to achieve heroic kills in reasonable time and this is our main goal this time around.

We were always an anti-drama guild and that is certainly not going to change. We are the home of serious and mature players who have the mutual
desire to achieve our common goals in a stress-free and drama-free setting.

Raid times at this point are still not set in stone, but at least 3 nights per week in the evenings starting from 6 to 9 server time and maybe longer depending on peoples schedules. Like I said raid times and days are not yet set in stone and are subject to change when raid teams are assembled. We also have a second 10 man team forming. There will be a east coast raid team and a west coast raid team.

loot rules are pretty much straight forward with an emphasis on getting tanks and healers geard as a priority as we need them to keep us dps alive :O)........ but when we distribute the loot basically if you can use it for main spec then we roll, if no one needs we go to offspec, then of course de.

Please visit www.soulbound-hyjal.guildportal.com to apply we look forward to raiding with you

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