Test of Faith (A-25) is LFM raiders

Moon Guard
Test of Faith is looking for the last few members of our main core, and to fluff up a second core.

Currently, we're looking for ranged and melee DPS, and could use someone with a healing OS. We're still working on making sure everyone in our core is well geared, and we do our dailies each day, in case you are the type who would like company on those quests each day.

We plan on setting up our core before we determine a raid time, as we'd rather focus on quality players and a time that works for them, rather than picking a particular time and then trying to find players to fit that time slot.

We will more than likely be raiding after the work day (6PM PDT) or at some point on Saturday or Sunday, just so we can optimize the time period.

In addition to raiders, we are also looking for those interested in PVP, particularly rated battle grounds. We have a well experienced RBG leader, and many players have been PVPing for multiple seasons.

We're interested in toons of all levels, and people interested in all types of WoW enjoyment. With over 700 members, we have roleplayers, pvpers, and levelers, you'll be able to find what you're looking for. Many of the elder members are helpful, and we're a very mature group.

We have a vent, 7 guild bank tabs, over one thousand achievement points, and a whole lot of experience in all fields.

If you are interested in joining, feel free to whisper me, or Lockeheart. Those are the main toons at the moment. Over half of our core are already running through Heroics. We'd love more people to join in the fun. You can also reply to this post.

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