Shadow Priest leveling rotation.

Just came back to the game after years out of action. Can anyone help me out by filling me in on what is the best Shadow rotation for questing?
Void Tendrils and dots and procs oh my
After playing for an hour it seems to be:

VT -> SWP -> MB -> MF -> MF -> MS -> MB -> SWD

SWP on a bunch, Void Tendrils when they get close, then either Mind Sear or MB/SWD/DP as available.
I'm not in massively great gear but this is what I do and I enjoy immensely:

1. I shield up.
2. I Shadow Word: Pain up to 6 mobs and let them come to me. (Sometimes more if I am super confident)
3. I cast Void Tendrils or Fear or Psyfiend. (Sometimes I skip this step. Usually live through it.)
4. Cast Vampyric Touch or Mind Blast, depending on cooldown.
5. Devouring Plague whenever I have two orbs. (3 is overkill for quest mobs)
6. Shadow Word: Death for added orb generation.

Mobs be dropping like flies. Occasionally I throw in a glyphed shadow Renew.
Now, this works really well if you have the Divine Insight talent.
Hope this helps! :)

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