Holy Paladin LF MoP Raid Group

Experienced Holy Paladin looking for raid with a guild. This is what I am looking for:

- Tuesday & Wednesday
- Raid start time range 7p - 12a server time and end whenever.
- Message me in game, my battle tag is Azural #1739

I can occasionally raid on Saturday and Sunday if needed, but I work nights and work 1/3 weekends. I can attempt to adjust my schedule at work to try to accommodate two different weeknights if necessary.

I am currently in a guild with some very nice people, but I am afraid that our current raid times are going to cause a substantial conflict with my family. I am a mature player with a wife and kids, and I do not have time anymore to raid 3-4 days per week. I have raided as a Holy Paladin since WotLK, but I have a DPS off-spec that I could use but I strongly prefer healing. I love to raid, and I strive to be the best person at my role. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Thank you.
I dont have one for ya (mine isnt good time for ya) but nice battle.tag xD 2nd evolution state right?

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