Here is an idea till you can fix Unleash Hell

Just give all lvl 85's that start it an automatic finished on it, some folks have been at it for 2 and a half hours on my server thats a problem
I just completed it perfectly fine, onto copter, shot, killed, returned. ON a high pop server.
thats nice
I am just saying.. the quest is doable.. the quest is not broken.

WHAT specific problem are you having with it? Respawn times? Cant get the interface up? Etc.??

There could be different fixes, etc based on what you cant do. I had a guildie who couldnt shoot.. his custom interface was blocking it, turn addons off, and it worked fine.
the issue is the quest is so laggy even with aim fixed i can't aim properly and when i do hit the barrels i dont get quest credit, this crap should be phased to a max of 10 people per phase honestly, this is a big ole fail on blizzards part
Did it fine on Llane, but its a mid-pop server. But I know everyones anger on this quest.

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